Mar 072007

o I am sick. I am very sick. It seems to be the thing here at work so that is where I got it from. Saturday night I started feeling it, and I decided on my way home to stock up on some medicine, so I stopped by CVS and bought a bunch of Ricola and Nyquil and chloroseptic. On my way home I decided to stop at taco bell, big mistake… more on that later… When I got home I found out that one of my burritos had cheese in it, fucking gross, and a fucking waste, and only one of the burritos had lettuce in it (I need to start ordering extra lettuce I guess) So I ate until I couldn’t eat any more and refrigerated the rest. At seven am the next morning I woke up shivering so hard that I felt afraid. I had to pee and so getting up and going to the bathroom was a task. I tried to turn on my heater but I was such a mess that I failed miserably. I covered myself up and fell back to sleep. I slept most of the day on Sunday, waking up long enough to get something to drink and take vitamins and ricolas and pee. It was also Sunday that started the problem of me peeing out of my ass every time I had a hard cough. I think that eating Taco Bell the night before made this issue happen. Taco Bell usually loosens my stool a bit but never anything to this extent.

On Monday this problem got progressively worse and I started drinking a bunch of pepto through out the day. I ended up going through two weeks worth of underwear or more yesterday and having to go to the bathroom several times. I seriously thought that I would not make it in to work today because I was so bad yesterday. Every time I had to cough I was changing underwear. I could barely function yesterday. My vision was all blurry and if there was something on TV that was fast action or had a lot of jiggly motion I had to change the channel because it was making me dizzy. I barely ate at all, but I drank a lot of water. I have a lot of laundry to do.

My weekend was pretty much shot. Today the pepto finally kicked in because I was able to cough without losing anything so I decided that it was better for me to come to work.

Driving to work was very difficult. I felt like I was drunk because I wasn’t doing too well navigating around turns and I had to really concentrate really hard. I came in to work with a “replaced pc” and this time I have memory read problems. So this will be the third time I have come in to work in the last couple of weeks with PC issues. I sent an email to my sup about this. I don’t know if I am just paranoid, but I really feel like IT doesn’t like me and they don’t spend the same amount of attention on my issues as they should because it is me submitting the ticket. It really sucks because I am at a different computer and I don’t have the tools I need to do my job properly and I don’t know all my passwords so I don’t have all my tools either. Tonight at work was pretty busy and being sick at the same time made for a pretty rough night. One of the leads here gave me some theraflu which worked pretty good even though it was pretty nasty tasting.

My Revenge of the Nerds DVD got mailed today! Oh and the other DVD that I bought 3+ weeks ago shipped today too! Weee!

I feel dizzy.

I hate being sick.

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Jun 142006

Things that I accomplished today:

Got the gallery to work in Who Gives A Crap. This was no easy task, I ended up having to go int the file manager in cpanel and removing the folder entirely, then I had to kill the sql structure, and I spent a lot of time re adding the folders. Even though the album folder structure is back to its prior state, there are still a lot of bad links in my blog because of the way that gallery built the individual file structure for the permalinks. And the bonus of it all is when I got that to work, the sidebar block started to function the way it should be too, so I am happy about that.

I did half the dishes; I will be putting them away soon and then finishing them off.

I grocery shopped, ended up spending a lot of money and didn’t come back with much. I have a nasty habit of going into the store and buying a bunch of things that are not on my list.

I got my hair cut.

Also today I decided to go to the Olympus website and see if it was possible to see the status of my camera repair, and they shipped it back to me today, I should be getting it by the end of the week! Cool! I didn’t have to pay to get it repaired.

Tomorrow I really need to get the laundry done. I am out of pants to wear, which reminds me, I need to get more jeans, and my underwears are getting holy too, so I need to think about getting more of them too.

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Jun 112006

Oh my mother earth!

I just watched the season finale of Sopranos. Very good. Two observations…

Julianna Margulies was in this and the last episode. Unfortuannly she was not naked in either one, but she was in her bra and panties in the last one, hot stuff! I have had a hard on for her ever since the first episode of E.R.


AJ is dating a (beautiful and 10 year older) Puerto Rican woman in this episode. Go go interracial couples!


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May 252006

Today I had a really good class at work that helped identify my leadership style(s). It started out with taking a survey. I of course didn’t follow directions and scored my answers wrong, so I was completely opposite. I got another survey thing from the instructor and I will fill it out again so I can get a better picture. Anyway, it was pretty good. It not only allows you to see yourself, but it also allows you to see others personality traits and adapt to them.

Mary told me last night that she started dating a guy last night. She has been having lunch with him for about two weeks. It made me sad and empty inside and I have been dealing with that all day today. I am happy for her, but sad that things didn’t work out between us. She is a special woman and I can’t talk about it any more.

This weekend was a shit weekend. I had to be at work both days for meetings and training, so it didn’t really feel like anything. Also on my way home from the meeting yesterday I stopped in the apartment complex to inquire about the rental prices. It wasn’t a misprint; the 7 month is cheaper than the 12 month.

PSYCHO WING – click to download and listen!

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And it really ain`t fair for the geezers down there
In the pits of despair and the thousand yard stare
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On the psycho wing and I ain`t done nothing
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On the psycho wing and I ain`t done nothing
On section 3 when I oughta be free

Listen to that song and tell me your panties did not cream! I dare you! Your panties will moisten, and if you are not wearing panties, you will feel your legs get wet as your cum drips down your legs.

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Apr 052006

Tuesday Morning I had a dream.

I was at this festival alongside a creek, or at least a grassy hilly area on one side and houses on the other side of the street.

I remember being in one part of it which was a main part with a lot of people and AI was with someone (maybe my sister?) and I decided to walk around a bit so I started heading down the street looking at people and the grassy hill stream type of thing, and the trees and tents and stuff. Then I realized that I was in my underwear so I decided to start walking back and then go home and get something on. I remember hearing Beastie Boys – Intergalactic I was looking over in the grassy part looking for the stage, I saw people sitting on the grass so I assumed that they were playing somewhere in the creek area? Or just enjoying the music. The phone then rang and woke me up and my computer was playing the song.

Yesterday the phone call was a client, and I was late getting to her house to work on her computer. She had an inactive antivirus program messing with her email. It was an easy fix and since I was just there the other day I didn’t charge her for it. After I did dishes and was lazy and talked to Mary. Oh, I also made some really yummy pizza too!
Today I was pretty lazy, I did have to go to work for an hour for a quarterly meeting it was the same old same old. Then I went home and was lazy some more, and then made some stir fry and pudding.
stir fry
The deodorant stone isn’t working for me. I can really smell my arm pits even right after taking a shower. I am going to try Toms of Maine, and see how that works. I am going to try Dr. Bonners and see how it does on the smell… That seemed to help a bit.

I have been staying awake until four or five am every morning lately for some reason. I don’t’ know why but I need to do something about it.

I really need to clean my turtle tank, I put my turtles in the bathroom and soaked the tank in bleach, but I need to get in there and scrub it and stuff. Jon Stewart had a funny thing on about racism. I hope that Crooks and Liars picks it up or it is on the Comedy Central mother load.

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Jan 302006

I got home yesterday, and the bedroom door was locked and one of my condom wrappers on my bed. There was no man in the house that I could tell, and Kim told me she used it for her viabrator. I have to believe her, however the way she was acting it was like somethign was up. It is like the parent coming home to find the child fucking. Normally when I come home and she is halfway naked she will just cover herself up. She told me that she forgot what time she came home so she got scared and over reacted. I can only believe her because she was chatting with her Philly cop friend at the time. I was messing with him too. Kim was doing something in the room while I was trying to get her email working and I was sending him mesages of the sexual nature and stuff, telling him i am going to send him a pair of panties and stuff, adn then saying that I don’t wear panties, and then I had Kim get into it with him, she messaged him and told him she was going to show him the pair she was going to send and I pointed the camera at me in my underwear. He has a cool sence of humor.

I am still trying to diag \master, it isn’t the video card, I have a feeling that it is an issue with one of the trinities (mobo, cpu or memory) I am going to tear it down to its basics and then run bench marks again, if it crashes, then time to get a new mobo/cpu. I have the memory so that isn’t an issue.

I started using the laptop to check things and I laid down for a while and kim took over the laptop, she walked away so I grabbed it and logged back inot my account and had a nice chat with Mary (more on her later….) So later on Kim comes back to me and is mad at me for taking the laptop when she was using it. She was sober too! Wow! She was mad. She asked me why, I said because, she said because isn’t good enough, I said because it is my laptop. then oh you don’t have to rub that in my face I know it is yours it is still rude, well Kim you did the same thing to me, well i thought you were done, well i thought you were done… so blah. Kim went out about an hour later to hang with a friend.

Anyway… Mary is amazing. I see her face and her smile and I just melt. we talked for a long time on internet and I got to see her on webcam. After Kim left I called her and things led to other things, and that was completely amazing as well. After that we talked until about 10 minutes before I had to leave for work, so I took a quich shower and I was out. I am kind of sad though, Mary currently lives with her dad (he is staying at her place, not the other way around) and now her ex is moving in tommorow and she has put herself in the same position that I am currently in. The arrangements were made prior to me meeting her. This is going to mean even less us time and less time for us to do the things that adults do. I know that this is just a trial, it is a test adn things will work out.

Today I decided that I really need help. Every check since the accident I have put myself into the hole by $500, I need Kim to start paying me to stay there. I sent her an email asking for her to start paying me $400 a month begining in Feburary however it will be prorated $14.25 a day starting the day she starts working. March no matter what will be $400.

It will only partially help, but things like electric, groceries, and auto gas has been higher since her arriving. I need to take care of myself. If she wasn’t here i would already be out of it because i wouldn’t be buying extra stuff like dinners or extra groceries.

Here is the letter I sent her. Working on getting a room mate agreement done.

november 8th
Jan 29, 2006


I really don’t want to do this, but I really need your help. I know I told you that you don’t have to pay me anything to live here, however I am going to have to take that back, I need help. I have been $500 in the hole ever since December and I need your help paying the bills. I am asking for only $400 a month.

To give you an idea of what I am paying for bills that affect you:

electric $140
rent $570
phone $20
groceries – $300

The bills that I pay that don’t directly affect you include:
car insurance $120
internet upgrade in speed: $15
cell bill: $120
gas: $50-$70
Other expenses that vary including cleaning supplies, and maintaince of the house/car.

You can pay however you want, weekly, monthly, however, but I would like it by the end of the month every month begining Feburary/March and I will prorate Feburary to the days that you actually work ($14.25 a day).

I of course will take you to where you need to go to find a job and help transport you as long as it doesn’t affect my work schedule.


Oh, and on top of all that, I am getting sick too…

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