Oct 112008

Ok, I know I should have updated sooner, I am a big looser. Well, I did spend time unpacking and resting and hanging out with Carol and, oh I watched Religous as well. More on that later…

On the 6th I met dad at his girlfriends house and we then headed over to the OU dental campus where he had his teeth cleaned and then went downtown and spent some time at the memorial. It was pretty interesting. It is considered a national park, so there were park rangers there. They spent the entire time hanging out at the trees.

After the park we went back to Beverly’s house and then went to Midwest City to eat at a fast food place that reminds me of Chipoltes. We drove by Tinker Air Forse base and an AWACS flew right over the car, I got a couple of good pictures in of that.

On the 7th I spent some more time with my grandma and taped her talking for a while. I tried to get her to talk about her childhood and teaching but her alshimers didn’t keep her focused enough to talk about that, so I gave up on asking her. I did get her talkign for an hour and a half. After I finished a tape I decided to put the camera away, and that is when she decided to talk about when she worked in a one room school with 8 grades in it, except for one because she didn’t have any kids in that grade at the time and how kids walked for miles to get to school and by the time they got there they were ready to learn and were very well behaved because of the long walk.

After that I went into Norman and went to the Sam Noble museum of natural history and went through that. It was pretty cool to see all the exibits including the dinosaurs and the native americians who lived in what was going to be Oklahoma.

After spending a couple o fhours there I met with my dad and we went to Coaches and had some beer and food. They make thier own beer there, and it was good to have some half way decent beer. After that I listened to the VP debate on the way home and then watched the rest and packed to go home.

I woke up around 2 am and got ready and talked to my dad for a while before leaving. I talked to him too long because it was too late to get on the plane I was supposed to, so I paid $50 to get on a different plane and flew home. This time I was on the Window seat and took some really cool pictures outside of the window of the plane. The GPS worked really good except for from Atlanta to St Pete. I don’t know if it is because the plane I was on was blocking the signal or what. The plane was really crouded and packed so it wasn’t like I had the ability to check to see if it was working or not.

Carol picked me up when I got back in town and we went to the Bunny hop to eat some lunch and get way too full and way too fat.

On Thursday we went to go see Relilous and it was really good. Better than I expected. I can’t wait for it to go out on DVD so I can see the bonus stuff and the stuff that got deleted out of the movie. Hopefully it is a two disk set. I am sure there was hours of stuff that had to be cut out. There are so many good things in that movie that I can’t start to tell you what was in it. Just go see it.

Ok, I found a few of my favorite clips as well as a bit of an interview with Bill Maher on the Larry King.

My first day back to work was pretty rough. Most of my calls were escelatoins and they were all cunts. I don’t know if the economy has made people more on edge or not, I am leaning so, because one of the escels I got today the guy brought that up as a part of his arguement and said that he hopes that our company goes under along with the rest, which will cause me to lose my job.

So that and paying bills has been the big update up to now.

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Oct 052008

On Thursday I rode around with my dad and saw a lot of northwest OKC. I took a lot of pictures of that journey. On the way home he drove by the building of a business my grandpa had. I am glad he did. I got a picture of it. It was good to visit with my dad and spend time with him while he worked. I think that he enjoyed the company while he drove around and dropped things off and picked things up.

On Friday I was on my own and I decided I was going to tour Norman and OKC. I drove past the new football stadium and decided to stop by a natural food store called The Earth to pick up some lip stuff because the stuff I brought I thought I lost and my lips have been dry and chapped the entire time here. While I was there I ran into an old friend. It was pretty cool because I have been thinking about him and his brother recently and wondering what they have been doing. What was really cool is they are in a band and they happened to be playing that night. So he told me where they are playing and what time and I gave him my email address and went on my way. I spent some more time in Norman and then headed up Sooner Road to pass by Midwest City and then head into OKC. I decided to go up Eastern / MLK and when I hit north 50th I saw the Kilpatrick Science center and decided to do that instead of the Cowboy Hall of Fame and then downtown / bricktown. I am glad I went, but I was a bit disappointed because some of the things were no longer there and they changed some things and were in the middle of taking down the Oklahoma Native American Indian exhibit. I kind of wish I would have stayed on course for my other plans.

After that I headed down to Norman and ate at City Bites, got a cookie at Dawson’s (which I can’t find. I know I didn’t eat it, but it isn’t anywhere.) Then I went around Norman a bit, including at a Sooner store and got some more Sooner stuff, and then met dad at his work and then we went to this place called Bison Witches and had dinner with one of dad’s friends. After that we headed home and I rested a bit and then headed back up to Norman and watched the music at The Deli.

The first band was called Penny Lane. It was pretty good. The singer sounded a lot like Joanna Newsome. The style was alt-country. Then Jared and Aaron’s band came on. It was psychedelic hippie sounding. I had a good time. I ran into two other old friends there from working at Bellini’s and Red River Ranch. I also found out that another guy that worked with us and was a really good drummer is a bar tender somewhere on an island in the Tampa Bay area. I should try to look him up too.

Yesterday I spent with my dad. His car broke down the day before on the way to work and so we hitched his car trailer up to his truck and headed into Norman to go get it. We then loaded up the car and took it back home. I then went into Purcell and got us some Subway and I took a quick little mini tour up and down the main drags.

Today dad and I spent the day working on his computer and then moving it from the office to the entry way because where the computer usually sits there is a water leak and a plumber needs to get access to fix it. After we moved it we went to Mazio’s and got some Pizza.

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Oct 022008

Well I made it into Oklahoma just fine. The flight to Atlanta was bumpy, especially in the Atlanta area and when landing which was kind of scary. On the way from Atlanta to OKC I was on a little 20 row plane. They still had us packed in like sardines. The one thing that I don’t like about flying is the fact that they cramp you in there. I wouldn’t have been able to bring out my laptop at all.

So after landing into OKC I got lost making my way into Norman. I ended up in Mustang, and backtracked my way so I was south of the airport. I ran into one of the main highways, and didn’t realize how south I was, so I ended up going south when I should have gone north and ended up having to backtrack some more. I probably drove 30 or so miles out of my way that day.

Once I got into Norman I met dad at his work and we headed over to a Mexican restaurant and I had some good tostadas and a good verde dip that had avocado in it. It was nice and spicy too. After that we headed home and I pretty much called it a night. I tried to watch TV for a little bit but it was too cold for that so I headed up to bed and tried to get myself reacquainted with the twin bed I slept in for the couple of years I lived here.

Yesterday I spent the day visiting with my grandma. I talked to her for several hours and had the same conversations about 20 times. After lunch we headed on out and I took a grand tour of the farm again. I took a lot of pictures of that. You will get to see those once I get on a decent internet connection. I am so far out in the boonies that I am on an AT&T network on my cell and so I can’t even connect dun through them. It was great to see the farm again. I documented it well. I don’t know if I will get to see it again.

After that I rested a bit before dad came home and we talked for a while and talked about his computer and got an appointment for a tech to come out and set him up for DSL on Monday. I will need to be here on Monday for the tech so I can be sure to get him all set up.

Today I am going up to meet my dad in a few hours to ride along with him while he does his job. Should be fun.

More to come later.

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Sep 212008

I got an email from Carol tonight. She did indeed have to bail out of the trip due to money issues. It is a good thing in disguise because I get to spend a bit longer in Oklahoma and I don’t have to worry about her stressing me. With flight and rental and the “flight insurance” it was less than $500. All I need to worry about is gas while I am there which will probably be less than $40 and food and that is it. I think I can get away with spending another $200 or so on food and other expenses and that is it. So for less the cost of what would have been gas.

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Sep 202008

So on Thursday Carol and I were supposed to eat lunch and that ended up not happening because of something with her being in the middle of something or something and that we needed to talk about the vacation or something. So then I started getting worried about it, and she seemed really stressed about it over the phone.

When she was finally at her house and I got there, she spent most of the time on the phone and we never did talk about what was going on. So I am left in the dark about it. Are we going? Are we not? Is she cutting out my part of the trip? What the hell. Tell me so I know.

I emailed her tonight with no response. I thought she would email me over the weekend if it was that serious or something, but no, I haven’t heard anything. So now she has me stressed over it.

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Sep 152008

Today was the day of a big upgrade of the billing software here at work. This morning I was getting myself psyched for it and hoping for the best but anticipating the worst due to experiences with previous upgrades. Everyone was here, all the leads, all the managers and directors and ya. So I came in and everyone was busy doing stuff getting ready for it or other projects related to it. I ended up logging in and just sitting there in front of my computer doing nothing. I didn’t even get a call for three hours. So I sat here absolutely useless. I felt completely useless the entire day. I shouldn’t have bothered even coming into work. I think I have taken a total of 6 calls all day. I don’t know if I am PMSing or what, but I feel pretty down about it right now. It is like I am not even needed. I just sat here in my corner and did jack shit.

Vacation is in a couple of weeks and I am stressing about that too. I don’t know if I am going to have enough money for that. Carol cut the trip down a couple of days, which will help, but depending on gas prices I am looking at $36 a day tops. I got everything I needed for the vacation, now I am working on trying to figure out why I can’t get the blackberry to work as a modem. I am almost there. I also need to configure my portable wireless router and start getting things put together for the trip, do some laundry and start packing.

I am going to be buying some postcards and will be sending them out this week. If you would like a post card send me an email at postcard at crazycomputing.net with your name and address and you will be on my list.

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