Jul 062009

Ok, so I am back from vacation. It lasted way too short as usual. I am going to try to remember it all, but I know I am going to fail.

The night before I got everything packed and ready and took something to make me go to sleep early. Woke up around 3 am and got ready. Went to the airport, the taxi driver was there right on time at 4:15 am.

The flights to Oklahoma were as smooth as flying can be. I met up with my dad and we waited for Tish and her daughter to arrive. It was nice to see him again. Tish hadn’t changed at all. She looked the same as always. her daughter had grown up since I had seen her and she is a real sweetie. I spoiled her while I was there. After we got our luggage and stuff we headed to Norman town and ate at a steak place. I had a baked potato and some veggies, and some beer. After catching up and learning that Tish is moving to Mass to be with a guy (she is moving this week!) wow! She is pulling a Jared. Well at least she has known him since high school instead of three months.

On Wed I went up to Norman and ran some errands and took pictures and went to The Earth to see if I could run into Jared or Aaron there, no such luck but I left my # with the guy there. After that I met Tish and Bridget at dad’s work and then took them to the Sam Noble Museum and let Bridget take pictures whilst we were there. It was really cool, there was an exhibit that opened up since I was there in Oct. The exhibit was this calendar that an Indian started that showed the history of what happened every season for about 200 years.

After that we went to Bison Witches and had dinner then dad took the girls home and I went up to OKC to see if I could find Kim. She was at home, and she was drunk already. She hasn’t changed a bit. She called Tammy, and she lives right around the corner. Literally the next street over and a back yard away. Tammy told me that Kim was looking for places on Craig’s list, and found that one and didn’t realise how close it was until Tammy took her there. I hung out with Tammy for a while, met her two new kids, saw how John had grown up, and Tammy is back in school making good grades at a regular school. I knew she could do it. I knew she was smart. Tammy dropped me back over at Kim’s house and within 10 minutes of me being there Kim passed out on me so I went home.

On Thursday I started reinstalling the OS in dad’s computer and got his DVD player hooked up and spent time with Grandma and the girls. All of us went to the Rose Rock museum and then to eat at City Bites. After that I took them to Brahms for ice cream. While grandma was eating her ice cream she was talking as well and the ice cream was coming out in between her teeth all over the table and me. It was pretty funny. Oh and when I first saw Grandma she didn’t recognise me. I was prepared for it but it still hurt a bit. I could definitely tell how much she has deteriorated since October. The last week went by so fast, I am disappointed I didn’t get her recorded on video tape the last month. I even remembered bringing the camera (not the tripod though). I should have given it to Tish and let her do it. Time just went by way too fast and going to Houston made it faster. Oh well.

So when we got home from that I think I just continued to work on dad’s computer, did some laundry and packed for Houston the next morning.

The ride down to Houston was fun. Bridget is such a good traveler. It was nice to see Wendy again. She hasn’t changed much either, except for her having more kids. We caught up and talked for a while and then dad and I went back to the hotel to check in and sleep.

The next day we went back to Wendy’s house and decided to go back to the hotel and go to the pool. Wendy wanted to go to the beach, but it was really hot and I don’t think she would have realised there would have been no shelter for her newborn or her kids if they go too hot, so we talked her into the pool, and she is glad of the choice. The kids played in the pool for 2 1/2 hours and wore themselves out then we went back to her place and ate and visited more, then back to the hotel. One of the conversations we had was politics, and Wendy is miss junior Sara Palin with her “you betcha” and I could tell she was a Fox / Rush drone because she was honestly scared of being attacked, thinking that Obama is a wimp, because in her view, or more likely the view of the pundits she listened to she never heard Obama say he would defend the country, only go and talk (like there is nothing wrong with that either, it worked for Reagan). I told her that I have heard multiple talks of his including going to 4 of his campaign speeches and I have heard him multiple times say that he will indeed defend the country and use our military might if needed, and she gave me that deer in the headlights look like I am lying to her, or speaking a foreign language. That is how brainwashed she is. I know that I am a bit myself but I am not enough that I can’t form my own opinion, and there are things that Obama has or hasn’t’ done that I am not happy with. I am not a talking points ditto head.

On Sunday we went back to Wendy’s house and they surprised me with a belated birthday party. Wendy went out of her way to make sure everything was vegan. She even cooked a Thai tofu recipe for the first time. I don’t think the kids liked it too well, we told her it was chicken. It was really good, for it being her first time with something she isn’t used to handling. The cake turned out really good and moist. She used apple sauce for it (something I told her about the night before, I think she was questioning me because she didn’t know so she could make it). She was even surprised at how good and moist it was. I got a cool card, a Walmart gift card, which I used to go grocery shopping with (real boring I know) and a Forest Gump DVD. At the end of the night we opened up a pinata, which the kids had fun with. When I cracked it open after a couple of rounds of faking it, Wendy’s kids dove for the candy, knocking Bridget out of the way, causing her not to get any and be disappointed and hurt that they did that to her. We told her that since there is four of them they have to fight for everything including attention and so it is very competitive and every one for themselves, since she doesn’t have anyone except her self then she doesn’t have that competition she has to deal with. I think that Wendy saw that and saw how much candy they got, so she made the kids put all their candy in a bowl, and the next morning before we left when there wasn’t anyone but Bridget and I around I gave her a bunch of candy for her to take home. She was happy about that. We also looked through old pictures of grandma and dad as kids, I am glad Wendy has them, she will take the best care of them of us all. When she moves to Montana she said she would scan them in and send them to me. Oh one other thing we did was painted rubber ducks and then went to a creek and floated them down the creek and had a duck race. Most of the ducks ended up in the grass on either side because there wasn’t much of a current, mostly was wind powered and the wind pushed them on the edges.

We stayed and talked on Monday until around 3 then headed back north to Oklahoma. It was nice to see Wendy again, but I was glad to leave too with her kids being hyper, it seems like there was always a fight, a tantrum, or screaming always going on. I couldn’t do it.

On Tuesday I worked more on dad’s computer, and spent more time with grandma, and Tish and Bridget and I went to eat breakfast at a greasy spoon in Purcell, and then went to Wally World and bought some groceries and things for grandma and dad and bought some fireworks for Bridget. I got a crock pot stew started up for grandma, then we all went to dads girlfriends house to hook up a TV and DVD player dad bought for her. Well, not quite. Dad had called me several times to remind me to bring the DVDs. I thought he meant the DVDs I burned for him but he was meaning the DVD player, so I never packed it in the truck, so I just hooked up the cable box, and the TV and the cables I needed for the DVD player in case we didn’t have time to go back the next day to hook up the DVD player so dad could hook it up fairly easily. After I got it hooked up we all went to Old Chicago and had dinner and beer. I had a calzone with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts and spinach. It was really good.

Wednesday morning I got everything packed and ready to go, and did some final things on the computer for dad and hooked up his TV to his DVD player and line. The TV he bought already had a digital tuner in it, so it is good he doesn’t have to deal with the cable box, and can pick up the broadcast HD channels in HD. It was a really nice picture, and now I want to save up money for a 32 inch HD TV and then use the 22 I have for a monitor on my server, or put it in the bedroom, I am not sure yet. Anyway, I don’t think I got everything done I needed to on the computer and I forgot to pack a mug I got at the greasy spoon, and maybe another thing, but I did get time enough to get a bunch of old tapes packed which I can’t find DVDs for or find on the download sites.

On the way back to Beverly’s house we stopped by the post office and I mailed the tapes, and paid for dad’s PO box which expired that day (which he still doesn’t know about – he will probably go try to pay it on Monday or this week, only to find out it was paid). and then headed on up to Beverly’s house to get the DVD player hooked up, which only took me a couple of minutes. Then we went to the airport and checked in, and hung out for a few minutes then I said goodbye.

It takes only 31 minutes to fly from OKC to Dallas, and when I got to Dallas I had a little over an hour to get from one concourse to another. I tried to find something to eat once I got there, and ended up buying a diet mountain dew and a 7 ounce bag of twizzlers. That ended up costing me almost $6. So once we got on the plane we sat there for a while. I didn’t realise how long we were sitting there waiting until the pilot got on the horn and said that there was a bit of maintenance that needed to be done and they were calling the mechanics over at that time. That was an hour after the plane was supposed to take off. We ended up taking off about 20-30 minutes after that. And the plane was hot and stuffy and kids were getting anxious and crying and being little bitches. So I ended up being on that plane in the terminal longer than it took me to get on the plane, take off, land and get out going from OKC to DFW. Anyway. I ended up being 30 minutes landing late. By this time I was tired and cranky and not wanting to put up with shit. Well there was some kind of youth group that just got off another plane and right off the tram there were all their family and friends blocking the entire entrance. I was not pleased at all having to plow through that bullshit, and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and didn’t realise the terminals were completely separated on the second and first levels and so ended up going all over the airport trying to find where I needed to go to get my luggage.

So that was my vacation in a nutshell. I will get pics up soon. I still need to go through them and rotate and then get them in folders by day. I will let you know when I have them uploaded and where.

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Jun 072009

Ok so it has been a long time. Longer than I wanted. I am just lazy and depressed and moody lately. I have a lot I need to do, and maybe that is overwhelming me too. I have also been spending time playing this game called Ikariam. I am in the ETA world. 31:43 if you are playing. It is pretty fun, but frustrating because it takes a lot of time to do stuff and I am impatient and maybe am setting myself up for failure by being impatient and building too quick.

Speaking of being too quick… Memorial day I got caught going 15 over the speed limit. That ended up costing me $241. Money that should have been used for my phone bill. So I am going to have to play catch up next month. Fucking sucks. This kind of shit always happens to me. I get extra money (Memorial Day OT) and it goes to something like car repairs or a speeding ticket or some shit like that.

In two weeks I will be in Oklahoma visiting family and maybe Kim. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I talked to my dad yesterday and from what he says I don’t know if grandma will recognize me and her alzheimer’s is so far gone it is going to be difficult. I don’t know if I can fully trust that, because he said that she wouldn’t recognize me last time and she did. However he does deal with her every day, so he sees it, but he is also not patient with her either.

Today I installed Gallery 3 Beta 1. It installed and is quick and clean, but I am having issues with the importer from G2. So I haven’t gotten to see how it will do with my massive amounts of pictures. It is a lot smaller install too, so hopefully it has a smaller foot print on the server and my hosting company likes me better.

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May 242009

So my weekend was not really a weekend. I got a call early Friday morning from a relitave of Georgia saying another relitave needed computer work. I decided to do it and went there that night after I did some errands. They had this virus / scamming program called antivirus pro 2009 that wanted $100 to use the program to get rid of the “viruses it found”. This thing was really well done, complete with fack bsods, boot up screens, fake “this webpage is a security risk” browser hijackers that look like it came from google, fake tool tips, and other scarry things that the average user would be paniced about and pay money for. I got rid of the fucker along with 24 other bad shit. I got rid of them all but the computer was still running slow. I left with it running an antivirus and asked them to defrag as well, and to let me know if that fixed everything. I haven’t heard back from them, we will see. It might have been better to just wipe it clean, but htey didn’t have the OS, so I had to do it the hard way. This took me two days to do because I started the scans one day and came back the next, and so I didn’t really get a weekend. I way undercharged them too. I only charged them $150 and should have charged $240. After I named my price, I was there another 2 hours longer than I wanted to answering questions and shit. Oh well, it was nice to have that extra money anyway.

Oh, and Monday is double time and a half day too. So very nice! I need to get into save mode. Vacation in 28 days….

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Apr 262009

Well, the trip to Oklahoma is really set in stone now. I bought the airline tickets for dad on Sat. I am excited. I get to see dad and grandma again. I get to see Tish and Bridget and Wendy and her litter; will be the first time I have seen them since Grandma Wolf’s funeral. Actually I don’t think I have seen any of Wendy’s litter, maybe her oldest, I don’t remember.

I need to start going through things and making a list of things I need for the trip. Should be a lot shorter since most of the stuff I still have since October.

It is going to be interesting to see how much grandma has deteriorated since I was there last. And I might see Kimmy there too, will see how time works out. Especially since going to Houston over that weekend and that is going to cut time there.

Well I think that the Rachael thing is over. Didn’t last long. She didn’t seem as interested or enthused about the whole thing as she seemed to be that first day. Oh well.

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Apr 192009

I know it has been a while. I am an asshole. I need to update more often. I get lazy and tired and busy and I know that is no fucking excuse, but that is what happens. I have a lot of shit going on and yet I don’t do much and I juggle when I do and I decide I am going to multi task and watch movies and do chores at the same time and the movie always wins because I choose something that either I get interested in or involves my attention to watch it (subtitled).

So I guess I will update a few things. I am going to go to Oklahoma the last week in June. My middle sister is going to be there at that time too and we are going to go down to Houston to visit my youngest sister and her litter of kids. She is moving way the fuck up in Michigan in Aug, so this is a good opportunity for us all to get together and see each other. Last time I saw my sisters was my grandma’s funeral I think, and last time we have been together with dad was a Florida vacation when I was 20 I think. It should be fun. The cool thing is that the check I get right before vacation is one of the free checks of the year, so it will be free and clear, no bills. That is so cool too. And I don’t have to buy anything for the trip like I did before. No cameras, no GPS, no rental car if I don’t want to. It should be fun. I am excited!

So as I mentioned before Rachael started calling me and I got baited. I hung out with her two Mondays ago, and since then it has been off. Haven’t seen her since and I am not feeling it. She said she knew what she wanted and that she was ready for me and shit. I don’t think that is really the case. Not at all. I think that I am just going to stop messaging her and forget about her. I won’t hear from her in a couple of years, then all of a sudden she will blow up my phone again. The funny thing is that before she started messaging me I had dreams and fantasies about her, and here she is starting to blow up my phone, so I thought great, we can get back together at least for a while and maybe we will finally fuck and I will know what she is like and my fantasies will be fulfilled and we will go from there and I will be satisfied with moving on. It looks like it won’t happen. She is still a mess, I still think every word out of her mouth is a lie. I can’t trust what she says, so I don’t think it would have lasted long anyway. I still think it would have been nice to have that physical thing with her though. She does remind me a lot of Rachel Ray. Oh well.

Creditors have been blowing up my phone calling me several times a day. I did find an app I installed in my blackberry that will automatically send the numbers direct to vm. I wish it would send them to the abyss of dial tone and make it so my phone doesn’t register it as a missed call, but at least it doesn’t ring my phone at all. It even has it for unknown and private numbers. I did notice one of the creditors calling my work phone which means that they got my info off of my loan applications for my car; they really started a couple of weeks after I got Pearl.

Shit! I still need to upload pics from going to NASA and Daytona!

I need to get that done tonight. I am an asshole.

I need to also write about some more shit too, but I don’t want to do it at work. Maybe I will get around to doing it tonight.

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