May 062016

Ugh, my car broke down on the way to work today. It just stopped working when I was stopped at a light and wouldn’t start back up again. It was weird because the lights didn’t come on my car that normally comes on when the engine stops. Fortunately there was a cop that pulled up not long after and he pushed me to a parking lot, and it was on the way for my other workmate so he picked me up to take me to work. I have my dad meeting me there to take me home. I have gas, I have oil in the engine, and the other fluids looked good. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the engine has been running funny. I have thought that the plugs and wires need to be replaced since they haven’t been done, and they still need to be done. So we will see what comes up and I will have the mechanic do that as well. I am hoping that it isn’t too expensive. I am trying to save to go back to Spain.

What really sucks is on Tuesday I had my brakes done and spent $260 to replace my rear drums and pads, so that on top of this cost is going to eat my lunch. I am thinking it is time for another car. I have over 145K miles on this one, have had it for 8 years, so it is time. I really need chocolate. I really do. Please someone send me a couple pounds of it.

I really need to get off my ass and make some videos. I could have done it yesterday but I decided to rest and sleep all day instead. I think it is partly the medicine I am on. It doesn’t do good things for me I think. I am not taking it daily anymore because of the side effects, and I probably shouldn’t have taken it today because it makes it hard for me to think.

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May 012016

Ok, so a lot more time that I wanted went by.. I did get a video in the can, but that is about the extent of it. I don’t know why I let my weekends slip by on me like that. I still need to put together Computron. I have a couple holes to drill still, and then assembly.

I really need to get more videos done, I have a few I need to edit as well, I have been doing them in a much slower pace than I have wanted to, all because I feel disappointed that I have had so little viewers and feedback. It seems like every project I have done has been a failure. This one included, even though it has been slightly better than others. I get a couple of likes but no shares on the posts. Very little comments in general. My biggest amount of feedback is instagram, least is facebook, and now with facebook starting to fuck with instagram timelines, I have a feeling that instagram feedback is going to drop like a rock. I just wish I got a bit more love, especially from my friends.

Speaking of friends, I lost another one. She decided her god was more important than our friendship. I needed her to go with me to the Bernie rally and even said it was important, but that didn’t phase her. I was willing to miss work for it, but to her church was more important. Really disappointing, especially since we were friends for 15 years. There are 52 weeks out of the year, she could have missed church one week. It makes me a stronger atheist, that is for sure.

This is taking me longer to write than I intended it to. I really need to get back in the habit. I really do. I guess I will get this posted because I am a loser like that.

Mar 152016

So today to celebrate pi day I made pie! Blueberry chocolate chip pie to be exact. I haven’t gotten to cut into it yet because I finished it right before work. I was going to just bake it and then post a picture, but I decided to go ahead and make a video even though I did a blueberry chocolate chip cobbler a few months ago.

pi pie

pi pie

Oh, if you didn’t already know, for the last couple of years I have been putting my fat ugly face in front of a video camera and cooking. It was actually something I was going to do when I was still living in Florida (I actually painted my kitchen and everything) but I never did do any actual videos. Well I finally started doing it, to very limited success and audience. I am slowly building an audience on my social medias but I am not really feeling it on the site. About a year ago or so I moved my videos off of youtube, but I am thinking about moving them back just because of the sheer numbers there and more chance to catch eyeballs.

This weekend I have another video I want to make and I need to get Computron back up and running. It has been down for way too long. I have most of what I need to get done done. I have videos to edit. Darn it!

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Sep 252011

Ya Ok it has been a while. I really need to get better at this but a lot of time there really isn’t much to say because there isn’t much going on.

I am still (yes still!!) working on getting shit unpacked and stuff. It seems to be a never ending project. I really need to get it done. I did a lot of work last weekend and will probably do more this weekend. I got a lot moved out of the small bedroom. I wish I had help with it. I am so indesive as to where to put things.

I have been contiuing to talk to Mary in email and on the phone. Things seem to be going well and I am enjoying talking to her again. I would realy like to spend some time with her again. I will probably more than likely go back to DC than her coming here. I would love to be able to do both.

So I have pretty much done. It is now live. I probably need to work on the knowledgebase in the future. I need to get some ideas of questions and answers to put up there. If you have any questions please ask here? Thanks!

I have started to work on getting put together. I found the backend I think I am going to use. I am going to upload it tonight and see how it works. I think it has everything I need for it. After that I am going to completely revamp What was carrotjuice is going to be on vegsurf, and carrotjuice is going to be a site for juices and smoothies and stuff I think. Most of the hits and questions I get has to do with that anyway, so why not?

I am not sure what to do after that. I am sure that this is a good 6 months of work right here.

It is already starting to get cold here in Oklahoma. I wish I had the heat back. I have a feeling I will be breaking out the heaters soon. I am going to need to buy an electric blanket soon as well. I should do that sometime in the next month. There is a lot of things I need to buy. This damn gas shit is kiling me. $400 a month is a lot of money. I wish I could cut that in half. It would help a lot. I am almost done paying off that stupid shit I need to pay off for the credit thing. That is an extra $135 a month.

Oh, and I want to see Dolphin Tale….

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Sep 192011

I have spent the last few weeks updating and I pushed it live a couple of days ago. I saw a couple of formatting issues and spelling mistakes and for the most part got them all corrected. The only issue I am encountering seems to be an IE only issue which I need to figure out how to resolve. Other than that it should be good. I need to probably start working on the knowledge base part of that soon. I think I need to add some google anylinitics code to it as well. I want to get all my sites updated. My next in line is I also have a site called and I am trying to figure out if I want to move carrotjuice into vegsurf and make carrotjuice something completely different. I am really thinking about doing that since most of the hits from that site seem to be questions about juicing.

I think I mentioned this before but two weeks ago I started talking to Mary again. We are reconnecting and getting to know each other again. In a lot of ways it is like we haven’t stopped talking to each other. It is weird how we have reconnected. This normally doesn’t happen to me. Usually when someone stops talking to me, they stop talking to me. I am enjoying the conversation so far. I am just taking it as it comes.

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Sep 012011

“ MacDonalds in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbour. ”
– SI Hayakawa

It seems like getting my house in order is a never ending project. Everywhere I look there is another thing that needs to be done. I have come to the point where I just need to start at one end of the house and work myself to the other end otherwise I am just jumping around from one part of the house to the other and not really getting anything accomplished. This weekend I started with the kitchen and got a lot of the actual kitchen done. I also started working on getting the bar and breakfast table cleared off. I got the majority of it done, but still have a ways to go. One of the big things I am running into is I just don’t know where to put things so they remain on the counter space. I wish I had some help in this part. Girls seem to be so much better at figuring out what goes where.

I have also been working on getting finalized. I am really close to getting it done; I just need to do it. There are a few links I need to clean up and I need to add a couple of pages and tweak the site a bit, oh and install the crm/ticketing end of things too. I am kind of holding off on the CRM portion of it because the product I am going to use is coming out with an update soon, so I want to install using the latest update. Especially since there is a shiny new version being working on that will be released in the near future.

I have a three day weekend coming up this week, which should give me some more time to get the things done that needs to get done. Hopefully I can have the site up by that time. I really need to get some extra cash flow going. I have enough to pay the bills but not much left over and there are a few things I need.

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Aug 072011

So I can’t find my vonage box. 🙁 Found the power cord but no box. Hopefully I run into it soon. Bah!

I got one toilet done. The valve replacement was a big pain in the ass. It was one of those compression valves and the brass ring on the old one was dug into the copper pipe so it and the new ring was not making a seal. I ended up having to fill the nut and the ring with waterproof silicone and I used some teflon tape around the thread as well to make it nice and sealed. Used some silicone behind the nut too. I have a feeling if that valve ever needs to be replaced that is going to be a big pain in the ass to remove. If the seal ever breaks, my next step is buying a torch and sweating a thread end on the pipe. I got all the guts replaced in the toilet too, so I now have a fully functioning dual flush toilet. seems to be picking up a little. I am getting hits but not much people staying. Search paterns indicate they are searching for things in relation to the postcards, and not of the theme of the site, not sure what I can do to improve that. Meta tags and searchable info on site lays out something different but ya. In the next coming week or so I need to get some banners put together and create a page with banners so people can share the love. I am also working on getting v2 put together since I am now in Oklahoma and it needs a big facelift too. I am almost done with it. A couple of tweeks here and there and everything will be good.

Tommorow is payday and the money is already all gone. Gas is really eating my lunch. It needs to go back down to $1.50 a gallon. Then maybe I can afford to go to work.

Black From The Dead rocks!

I miss Nature’s Food Patch / The Bunny Hop’s chopolte pasta salad!!!

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Jul 222011

I got a few more things accomplished this weekend. Not as much as I should have, but it was a start. I got most of the knickknacks on the shelves and organized a few things. I cooked my lunch for the next few weeks, and it turned out really good. I did Thai again, nice and spicy, but still not the same as a restaurant. I think it is because I am mixing it with the rice at the end and that is why it isn’t as liquidly as when they serve it to you. I did use a lot more of the curry paste as I normally do, and it is more flavorful, so I haven’t been using as much as I should have been using.

I am starting to see a lot more hits on No one has commented or anything like that yet, which I am ok with, but the increase in traffic is good. One of my friends in Florida sent me seven postcards, so that helps the site as well. She sent in some cool postcards with stuff written in the back. Hopefully there is a trend in more submissions. I want some from strangers. That would be really cool.

I don’t know if very many people know this or not, but when I was 20 I did some time in the Navy. I was going to be a cook, work on aircraft carriers, use that experience and work on cruise ships. I made it through boot camp but I couldn’t do the required physical fitness requirements. So after going through boot camp graduation I spent an additional three weeks there doing physical fitness stuff to try to pass the requirements. I was able to do the sit ups and pushups required however running I was not able to run fast enough for them. I blame my knees and ankles for not being able to run fast enough. My ligaments were shot even though their doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Now I do need to add that is when they diagnosed my reflux so I was going to be out on a medical anyway (Wish I had that medical discharge). Anyway, I digress. So the story was, I went to boot camp and I got a general discharge, which wasn’t a dishonorable but it also wasn’t a good discharge either. The separation was like ok you were here, but you weren’t here, if you want to come back you need special permission and also good luck working for the government and any contractors of the government. Anyway I thought to myself “who would want to work for the government anyway. Really?” So flash forward 18 years and here I am, a contractor for the government. I don’t know if it is Murphy being a nasty bitch or what, however it seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot. Another example of this is when I lived in Florida and first moved there I saw the shitty Bay Pointe apartments and thought to myself who the fuck would want to live in those shitty apartments??? A couple of months later I was there and I stayed there for almost 9 years. Fuck!!! Anyway. That seems to be my life. I end up being in a place or situation that I think people in their right mind wouldn’t be in.

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Jul 152011

Ya, so the weekend went by way too fast. I didn’t really get much accomplished either. Spent Tue at Tammy’s house and yesterday I spent resting and sleeping all day. Didn’t get much accomplished at all. I really need to finish the house and get the path put in. I am so unmotivated. Well the 100+ degree temperature doesn’t help that either.

I think I have where I want it to be at. I just need the readership and people to send in postcards and it will be cool. Hopefully this one doesn’t fail. I have been a failure when it comes to my websites. Oh well, I like doing it so ya.

So Netflix recently announced some price increases and it is really making me think about dropping their streaming service and using Hulu+ instead. The TV shows I like are on Hulu and it will integrate with my PS3 and Xbox. I think I am going to try it and see how I like it. I have until Sept to decide. It is frustrating because Netflix just raised prices up less than a year ago. They have removed features out of the website and streaming, and are charging streaming the same price as one DVD at a time. The streaming service is spotty, titles are constantly dropping so you will be in the middle of a TV series and it will disappear, and not every selection is available. You have to wait 30 days before a new DVD title will be available and then wait another two months or so before that DVD goes out of extra-long wait for you to get it. Makes no sense, there is no addition of value being added to the price increase, just a price increase like it or not – we really don’t care. Fucking Netflix. I really need to get all my titles on hard drives and do my own internal streaming service. I also need to find a good quality torrent site and get my movies from there I guess.

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Jul 092011

So I am a week or two into my new (regular) shift and so far so good. I really like the job. It is fairly easy and the people on the phones are a lot more pleasant to talk to than the ones I had the pleasure of talking to on my last job. If the drive wasn’t so long it would be absolutely perfect.

It has been extremely hot here in Oklahoma. It has been weeks of temperatures above 100, with very little rain. I thought I was used to the heat living in Florida, however this is hotter, and the wind is hot. Florida with the water surrounding it, I don’t think I ever saw it above 95, and the breeze is cool because of the water cooling it down, so at least the breeze was nice. I feel like I am in a furnace, and have been having to use my AC a lot. Well, at least it isn’t snowing.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a little Eastern or Florida Box Turtle. I had to run out and get him and bring him in. He is really cute. I have pictures on my phone however I don’t’ get a good signal at work, so I cant send them to myself. Once I get home I will update with pictures. I haven’t named him het. I was thinking of Jake, but not sure. For some reason that name is sticking with me. He seems really shy, however that just could be that he is a bit scared and stuff. I set out some food and water for him to eat, he hasn’t touched it yet, but when he gets hungry enough he will I am sure. Well, I just looked up a box turtle web site and looked at sexing them. It looks like makes and females are different than water turtles, where the female is more round and the male is more flat, so I may have another female. So Jake may be Jakette or something. I will have to think about it.

I finally got on that Google+ site. So far it seems pretty cool. Will be better once more people join up. If you are there you can find me under Natures Revenge. Look for the dinosaur eating the fish.

Don’t forget! Thanks!

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