Jul 012011

I have finally moved to the night shift. My second night I was all by myself for six hours. It was pretty decent. I did really well, however it was odd being the only one in the room. I may have been the only one in the building.

I have been continuing to unpack and stuff. Still not totally finished, however with me now on the night shift I have the time and energy to do a couple hours work during the day, so it should be completed faster now. Today I started pulling out the little trinkets and décor stuff. Unfortunately a few things didn’t make it. I hate it when I unwrap something to find it in pieces.

I started up a new website a couple of days ago. It will probably be another dead site like all the rest, but I try. This one is at http://projectpostcard.org. It is something that is a couriosity for me. I want people to send in their postcards and tell me a bit about the place on the postcard. Why that place is meaningful to them. Hopefully I get a card or two. I am renting a PO Box for the project, so hopefully I am not wasting my money on it. Anyway, check out the site and send me a postcard.

Anyway, so far Oklahoma is good. I do miss cable, especially since just about every show I watched was on cable. I miss my shows damn it!!!! I am working on getting my old laptop hooked up to the TV with remote software installed so I can use it to watch hulu and stuff on the tv. It does have an HDMI output, so it is just a matter of getting it to work with the lid closed and I should be good. I might have to figure out an overheating solution, but I don’t think that will really be an issue.

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Nov 242010

*I don’t know why it didn’t send an email before the transcript was processed. Here is last nights posts in full as Google translated them. Later I will write them the way I said them. Google only allows a 3 minuite message, so unless it allows a longer message I think this is not the solution for me. I am going to look to see if there is a way the email won’t be sent until after it is transcribed….

Okay so Wetzel’s this works well. I don’t know what I’ve dude. The in google voice homes Yeah, had it look at it, or messages. To and mailing address after this transcribe them. And then There is a clerk in a long checks that email address every hour or so. And then close. That transcripts to walk. So, hey, that’s pretty cool loan, faster. And yes, it is in ability for google 2. Transcribe. Why voice, correctly. 12. Something yet. I was halfway. But your body, as soon as Work, America But So I want to see how this works out. And hopefully i have a good idea. I’m out of time, this transcript suppose google or set it too long, we’re stopping and. So far so good. You anyway. I don’t like the fact that it takes so. The Kirsch courts. Thanks, talk, walk every, coursework. 4 thanks to chris. You were kind of something else because I don’t know. Yes, Google why extra sensor anyway. I spent a long time. Britain, hey it’s with mostly wait till last. So I guess I’ve gone or you suggested, though. Every aspect of my life I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks, going to Opal home. I spend some time with my dad and talk about pictures, there And And I’ve got a 8 or 9 how it will put her in Denver. And my friend, was gonna pick me up at the airport in Denver and We’re going to spend some time in Denver. And on her. Carmen.

Hey, okay issue or something else. So. The National kind of a caranza with the weather. Yes, good to while I’m there are dozens, no. Winnsers or anything else like that Really excited to see if it was on the number of years. I’m also calling and I’m going to purchase one. Some player and Test Test. This is brokerage in the mail. Again. I don’t know if that I’ll grandma. I don’t know 5 mention this or not. My grandma Not Going. Well, I don’t use IN close to being in the last inches. I will Alzheimer’s and It’s really well about what she’s going through. And the web wealth package doesn’t know why that she’s going through it. It’s like one will trial team and 91. No one’s body I’m gonna no one s, do go, but she’s already gone and I just makes me I want to know what I’m going to take care, so much about sent to the wife. When No, it isn’t much of it like that. I’ve been Joyce. I just, it’s just. So, No. This is so much harder, or some of these two work with. The fax knowing that. Some of the best of luck that they thought up Yes going through such a. Hey, Shannon existence. Well, it’s almost like You know I don’t know how long. Rather, but I’m not sucks, but other than not, app, hey. You know that they say that we can have them potential client you work. It doesn’t Apple wife and more okay best.

So apparently civil voice maximum. That’s just a minute, ohh let me ask. I wanted to call play difficult You know that if you’re stopping things and. I’m sure they’ll But I said and okay. I caught an animal. When it doesn’t have a wife anymore, 1, camps. I have that trying to do of it, and throwing life without somebody taking care of her premarital Whatever and the Plymouth, why didn’t that we can get a nice and how we can’t get the nice I can. One thing to me. Interest makes more sense. It’s more thing. Applied pursuing been too Go. When they’re still working on pain and not just some. But I must provide close on Motorolas or Yeah, oxygen Talking, thing And I know it’s rough. So, so. When it comes to family members, but It’s just. 8 months ago. I was help this in my dad and I think, and I saw. I’m sure what’s, and I was else 6 or 8 months prior. Chip that I missed the difference between those two visits way that she was cautious and the way that she responded and the way that she will remember things was jus HI 9 day and just types. I haven’t seen it. So Congressional like that. But, the progression. And I know. The last time I was there 8 months ago or so. I know. That’s it. Just No worries dude thirty-ish, West and there. They’re just and she just was not the walmand, but I know. But I’ve known or and 4:37 years. And that’s rough. And its sarah and it’s just. That’s going to send, that this is voice she lives. I just wanna touch base.

Okay so this is the last one. I think that I don’t know what I’m gonna do is go back and Co, and call up and putting in the morning about the host. And that after work close. But. Hey, it’s just so. Well hello. My dad need help. And which I’m going to call home. Yes should talk about, We About. I’m planning on moving back up there. So I’m probably gonna be moving back to Oklahoma and. 2 or 3 months. And so if you live in grandma spouse and It means a lot of work and a lot of cleaned up because woke up this everywhere and so I’m probably gonna have to end up in that mess, and clean that up and there some work that needs to be done so, and that’s an awesome the garages, came in, some other stuff and interest, ni moving up there. But Reynolds of those. Moving you Boleyn everything else punishment. Bye and This is just so Hong interest. I will, living in order, love to teach a local to church, so I don’t know, or whether I’m going. Ohh, and I was just getting the car and drive to minutes and I’m. At the water on the happens, nice white and and it’s just I don’t know why she just message, was lost. I’m, Mickey S like that. Hello. Bye, just.

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Jun 172010

So a bit of an update… On Tue I got rid of my extra lines and while I was at it I upgraded my phone to a Mytouch Slide. Phone bill is over $100 less once phone is paid off. That should help.

Mytouch Slide

I should be getting it tomorrow. I can’t wait. Looks like a cool phone. And it isn’t a blackberry either.

I really need to come up with $3000-$3500 fast. Anyone know what I can do? My file server is crashing on a daily basis. I am afraid I am not going to be able to even get stuff off of it when it is time to transfer files over to the new one.

Upgraded to wordpress 3.0 today on whogivesacrap and tfvc. Woo hoo!!

Oh, I saw A-Team on Monday. It was really good. I wish I had stayed for the stinger. Must go back.

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Jun 012010

Ok, so on Sunday I spent being pretty much lazy all day. I watched a lot of movies and just relaxed. By the time I felt like getting around to putting up the lights and getting the kitchen ready for the show it was late. When I tried to hook up one of the lights the screw I had screwed into the cealing came out. So now I need to go to Home Depot to get those darned ceiling anchor thingies. Pushed back even further. Bah.

Yesterday I had a good memorial day. Hung out with Carol and went to The Columbia at The Pier and had their yummy eggplant dish. Breaded eggplant in a tomato red wine sauce with garlic and capers. So good. After that we dropped her bf off and then headed to the beach at Treasure Island and watched a beautiful sunset.

After watching the sunset we headed down to Pass-A-Grille and walked around a bit. Some guy had made an American flag using shells and sand, and also a mermaid thing as well. It was pretty cool.


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May 252010

I finally saw Avatar this weekend. It was pretty good. I really liked the worship the earth themes in it. I also liked how The Na’vi got all the tribes together to fight against the aggressors. That is what should have happened years and years ago when Whitie came and did their wrath against Turtle Island. It is something I am going to have to watch a few more times.

Saturday night I was awoken to a strange noise. It turned out to be my box fan. So I had to replace it. I went ahead and got two, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. I also got water resistant ones too, a bit more but at least they can stand to get a bit wet. They are really quiet too.

I am feeling a lot better now. Maybe doing the video thing this weekend. Stay tuned~!~!


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May 192010

Ok. So this weekend I made some vegan fish sauce using seaweed. It turned out really good. I am going to try it out tonight or tomorrow when I make my stir fry.

I also stopped by a thrift store and bought a bunch of bowls and ramekins to put ingredients in for the project. Hopefully I will have the lights up and ready and will tape next weekend. I think I am finally ready to actually roll on it. Have the outline down, so just need to script write between now and then. Later on I need to start working on a logo or two and get something put together for merchandise.

Oh and I am getting sick too. Hopefully it won’t affect this weekend, but I am afraid it might…. Shit.

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May 132010

Ok, so I dropped Kim off at the airport this morning around 6 am. It sucked having to wake up so early and then have to go to work this afternoon. It is nice to have the house back, and now I will have to spend some time undoing what Kim did to the house (rearranging stuff). She likes to play reindeer games. It was nice having her visit and am not complaining (too much).

Tammy got into an accident yesterday pulling out from a parking lot. She was turning left and someone had stopped to let her go into the lane, while she was turning someone was speeding and went from one lane into the other and hit Tammy right where the drivers wheel is. It caused the axle to break I think. Hopefully it didn’t bend the frame. She is going to have someone look at it to see how damaged it is. Last night her foot was sore today it is her leg and she is starting to get the back pains. I told her a couple of times to see a massage therapist. I am glad she isn’t seriously hurt. It sucks that she is so far away.

I need to crash course on script writing and outlining. There are a lot of resources out there and a couple of programs to do so. Don’t know how it will apply to cooking shows, maybe I should send a blanket email to a couple of pro shows to see if they can show me how it is done. Hmm.


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May 112010

So Kim’s visit is going pretty good so far. We have spent a lot of time at the beach getting some sun and watching movies and stuff. It has been a fun and pleasant visit so far.

I started putting up the lights yesterday, then I realized I didn’t have the right screws for the power strip, so I had to buy those. This morning when fixing breakfast, I realized that I didn’t put one of the lights in a good place since the cabnent hits it, so now I will need to adjust that. Soon, soon soon.

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May 062010

Well Kim made it down here. So far it has been pretty good. We drove around, went to the beach, and went to the Clearwater aquariam. It has been pretty pleasant so far. I could only take a couple of days off, so she is pretty much on her own while I work.

I got my tfvc coat, hat, 4 way, and other hat. So far, so good. I need to start writing my script next. Oh and put up the lights. Maybe I can get Kim to help me with that… I also need to start designing swag. Mmmm! Swag!

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Apr 272010

Last week my dad sent me one of the boxes of CDs I had packed up when i was there last. In the box was one of the Cds from H.W.A. It brought back memories of me in Denver driving down Alameda with it blasting in my car. I remember specifically being around Union and Alameda, stopping by a record/cd store and browsing their selection. I wonder if they are still there? I really need to visit Denver again soon. I miss it.

Ok, so I have one set of chef uniforms ordered. Hopefully I get them next week. I stopped by the local restaurant supply store and had to stop myself from buying the entire store. I picked up a cake pan, pizza wheel, spatula, and a half bane marie pan. I also saw a commercial Kitchen Aid 5 quart stand mixer for $125. It looked in good shape except the switch was in rough shape. For $125 I can live with that. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have the money, but it will be in the back of my mind. Hopefully I will be able to afford it in a few months or so.

Today I decided to copy a few of my tips stuff from Carrot Juice over to TFVC and when I did I also noticed that the spam assholes have filled my ingredients with a bunch of nonsense spam. So now I am going to have to spend time and go though and clear up that bs.

I need to start working on getting Carrot Juice and Crazy Computing in better shape. They are sad and limping. I need to make the time for them.

I got my tag renewal form in the mail today. They want something like $80 to renew. About $30 more than I wanted, but oh well.

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