Mar 042016

I need to start journaling again. I have been procrastinating, and have had a lot of thoughts in my head but have been too lazy to put it down. I have a lot to catch you up on, so much it can be really long, so I will probably have to put that down in several posts. I think I will start by trying to remember a dream I had last night / this morning.

I was in my house and I was hearing a lot of noises coming from outside. I looked out and in the East pasture was a bunch of people in a quarter to half circle surrounding a bunch of farm animals like sheep and goats and bulls and there were people mixed in with the animals and it seemed like some kind of disorganized rodeo. I went out to try to kick them out and I was videoing them with my phone. My dad came out of his house around the same time, and in his usual style said he would take care of this. I was standing at the barb wire fence watching and videoing them, making sure I got the faces of what I thought was the main people and the people mixed in with the animals. My dad came back towards me and I noticed he had a bunch of money with him now. I was asking them if they were going to leave and he said not to worry about it, and to go back to the house, I was even more madder now and started yelling at them to leave and that I didn’t want them there. Dad grabbed my arm and pushed me back, and I remember him trying to give me ~$20 in fives and ones, and told me that I needed to erase the videos. I told him that I am not going to erase the video, that is when the dream ended.

I am going to have to try to write more later.

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Jan 222012

Ten years ago today I moved to Florida. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years. When I think back 10 years, I always think that is the 90s. I am getting old. I Still think that moving to Florida was one of the best decisions I had made, even though the reasons why wasn’t.

I really miss St. Pete. I miss the beaches and hte roads and palm trees, and lizards. I miss the warmth, the sea breazes. I miss the natural food stores and my friends I left there. I miss the boats, the water, and everything else.

Not much is going on in Oklahoma land. It has been cold, which has made me lazy and wanting to do nothing but lay next to the heater and bundle up to stay warm. I fucking hate the cold.

I fucking hate the cold.

I fucking hate the cold.

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Jan 072012

Hmm. It has been a while. A long while. That is what happens when you get lazy and stuff.
On Tuesday I flew down to Dallas and met with an old friend who I met back in 1999 on ICQ. She currently lives in Moraira, Spain and originally from Lima, Peru. I have always wanted to meet her and I finally got to. I want to go out to Spain to spend more time with her. We only had a few hours to talk because she was on a layover to go back home from vacationing with friends and family in Portland. It was way too short of a time, but I am glad after all these years we were finally able to meet face to face.
Before her plane landed I went to TGIfridays to have a fat tire and some lunch and the fat tire was flat and the food was way overcooked. I was very disappointed. I should have complained, but I was too tired to do so. I did fill out their feedback survey thing though.

The office moved us to a new building and so far I am on the fence about the new place. It is nice to get my own desk, but they didn’t’ have monitors or keyboard or mouse for me so they had to dig them up. I also don’t like where the monitors are placed, but there is nothing I can do about that since the keyboard and monitors are stationary. They put them in the middle of the desk and I would prefer them be at the end.

I think dad and I are going down to Texas on the 16th to go get some Fat Tire. I hope so. I might get a couple of cases and drink a 6 pack that night that we get back. I love me some Fat Tire. I might look for some Railyard Ale too, I would love to get some of that as well.

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Nov 272011

So my gmail account was hacked by someone in Kosovo, I am sorry for my friends who got that email and clicked on the link.
I have since changed my password to something more secure and hopefully it won’t happen again.

So what is the lesson? be sure your password is not based on a dictionary word. Be sure there is a capital, a small, a number and a special symbel, not based on a word, and is at least eight charaters long.

Also if you recieve a message from someone with a link with no real subtext that looks really weird, don’t click on it. Ask before clicking. Ask ask ask.

This last thing has been one of many bad things happening to me in the last week. Lets start out with Wendsday. Wendsday was the bad day of bad days. It started out with me leaving to go get my bills paid and stuff. I couldn’t find my cell phone when I was walking out to the car, so I went back into the house to find it and looked everywhere before I decided to call it. My phone was in my back pocket. Then when I went to go get gas I guess I was in a hurry because when I got in the car to leave, I looked in my right mirror to see if the handle was still in the tank, I didnt’ see it, so I drove off. The handle was in the tank and luckilly there was a quick release on the hose otherwise I would have torn down the pump. Then later on that night I needed to go to Walmart and somewhere between getting out of my car and going back to my car I lost my keys. So I walked back in to look to see if I left them on the shelf check writing thing because I have a tendancy of putting them there when whipping out my wallet. Wasn’t there, one of the workers asked if I had lost my keys and said the supervisor has them, so after waiting a little while for her to not be busy she retrieved them for me.

The next day dad and I was supposed to go eat somewhere for thanksgiving and when I went out to the car I found out I had a flat. We ended up taking his car and then driving around for 3 hours looking for some place to eat. There was only two places we found open and they had over an hour wait, and were shitty buffet redneck restraunts. We ended up going to walmart and picking up something there. Friday morning I got the flat fixed, luckilly it was just a slow leak and there was nothing more than that and the flat only cost me $8 to fix.

And then today.

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Nov 272011

Something just sent a virus using my email address, some kind of link with invite at the end. Do not open it. I repeat do not open it from your mobile phone or from your computer. I am tracking down where it came from now.

Thank you,

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Nov 122011

Well it has been a while since I have updated hasn’t it?

I have had the last 4 days off. Friday 11/11/11 was a federal holiday and so I took Turs off as well to make it a mini vacation. I had plans of getting a lot of things done, but didn’t get anything done at all. The rest was nice, but I needed to work on the house.

I just now found out that there is a MYtouch slide 4g. It has been out since July. I am behind the times. Fucking T-Mobile wants cash upfront, and no more partial months shit. Fuckers. So I need to come up with $275 for the phone.

Anyway. Things have started to get really cold here in Oklahoma. I don’t know how I am going to survive when it gets colder and starts to snow.

Oklahoma has been having a lot of earthquakes recently. It is really weird. I have never experienced an earthquake before and never heard of Oklahoma having any either. There was a 5.6 that I felt a week or so ago. I can mark that off my bucket list I guess. I have seen tornadoes, been through hurricaines, blizzards, ice storms, hail storms, 50+ days of 100+ degree tempatures and no rain, and earthquakes.

The kitties are getting along better and better. They have been playing with each other a lot lately, chasing each other around and stuff. Soon they will be best friends. I ahve been working on the toilet training with them. I am in the final stages of it. I have a metal pan in the toilet and have been working on getting them to use it in there. There have been a few times where it hasn’t been in the pan, but I think they are starting to warm up to it. I bought some litter that is suppsoed to be good for training kitties, called cat attract and once I know they are using the pan 100% I will replace it with the septic safe stuff and then start the process of slowly opening a hole in the pan until they are used to sitting on the seat. This has been the dificult process thus far because the pan and area is so small and one of them doesnt ‘understand it fully yet. They are such sweeties and so gentle. They are still a bit skiddish though. That will take some time though I think.





The other day Tammy and I went to the cake wrecks book signing thing. It was fun. I think that Tammy enjoyed it and was suprised at some of the cakes. She hasn’t been to the site yet, so all the cakes were new to her. It got her out of the house and stuff. We also went to the Whole Paycheck as well and I wish it wasn’t so far away because I would be going there instead of the Norman places if I could for my groceries. They have a much bigger selection and they have a deli as well. I wish that Natural Grocers put in a deli. It makes me sad that they didn’t.

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Oct 212011
Belladonna (Bella)

Belladonna (Bella)





Ripley blinking from the flash

Ripley blinking from the flash


I am trying to eat asshole!



cats and dog

Ripley and Bella looking at Babe and Babe looking at the cats

Sleeping kittys

Sleeping kittys

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Oct 212011

Okkkk. So a lot has happened over the last week.

Jewel was in Oklahoma for a funeral of one of her uncles and I took off Sun and Mon to spend itme with her and be with her at the funeral. It was really nice seeing her again and being able to spend time with her even if the occasion was a somber one.

On Sunday after we did the casket viewing thing we went over to the animal shelter. Jewel wanted me to get a little dog for me. I didn’t find any that I liked or thought would fit, so we headed over to the cats and after spending a lot of time there I ended up getting two cats. One is white with brown markings named Ripley, and one is black with white markings named Belladonna. I need to post pictures of them which I will soon. I haven’t been able to get good pictures of them because they don’t understand the word pose. They are really beautiful sweet cats. I think they are going to be good for me and help me with some things. I hope we all get along and stuff.
On Monday was the actual funeral, after the funeral we went to Goprum and had a really good meal. The food was yummy. I am glad that I took the time off for the funeral because I think Jewel really needed me and I was there for her. Her family is not supportive/understanding of her veganism and the fact she saves chickens from death and mistreatment. Pretty typical attitudes for this part of the country for sure.
Tuesday I spent the day relaxing and bonding with the kitties. I also did some cleaning and straightening of the house, something I need to really get done quick with new tenants. Yesterday was a bad day for the kitties. We went to the vet to get checked up and Ripley did not like getting her temperature checked at all. Belladonna has ear mites I have medicine for and they both have a virus from being in the shelter, the OKC shelter crud as the vet put it, which is pretty typical with humans too, so I got some medicine for that too.

Today I was awoken early by dad to go to one of his friends business, one of those extortionware got installed on his assistants computers, and I had to work on getting that removed, I had to leave with the scan still being done, and so I have to go back tomorrow to fix. Also now that I know what it is, when I get home I am going to have another plan of attack in case the bootable av sw I ran didn’t fix. It sucks being away from the kitties, and sidestepping the plans I had for today, but at least I will have a little extra money to have since I need to do an oil change and a couple of other things soon.

Anyway I am tired and ready for bed now. I know I have to go home and do some work before returning tomorrow and doing it all over again.

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Oct 082011

Don’t you hate it when you decide to join as a free member and you get several messages from people “interested in you” but in order to see the messages you have to join, so you pay the $35 or whatever the fuck it was to join and they all turn out to be either scammers or profiles that suddenly don’t exist anymore (I am thinking it was a scam to make me join) So you try it out for a month, the entire month you don’t get any messages from anyone, even the ones you sent messages to, and then your paid membership expires and suddenly you get messages coming in again… It is really fishy to me.

Anyway, it has started to cool off here in Oklahoma, especially at night, so my immune system has suffered and I am sick now. I hate being sick. Especially when it goes into your nose, and it makes you tired and dizzy. Tired and dizzy and tired.

Not much else has been going on. Just work and sleep and still trying to get settled in. I am finally getting to the second bedroom. I was working on getting the bed arranged in the way I wanted until the footboard fell apart, so I had to stop that for the night and put some weldbond on it and let that set, and I haven’t been in there since because of my sickness.

I have been talking again to Mary for a little over a month now, and we are getting along swimmingly. She is such a nice person. Maybe one of these days we can meet again. I would love to go back to DC again.

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Sep 252011

Ya Ok it has been a while. I really need to get better at this but a lot of time there really isn’t much to say because there isn’t much going on.

I am still (yes still!!) working on getting shit unpacked and stuff. It seems to be a never ending project. I really need to get it done. I did a lot of work last weekend and will probably do more this weekend. I got a lot moved out of the small bedroom. I wish I had help with it. I am so indesive as to where to put things.

I have been contiuing to talk to Mary in email and on the phone. Things seem to be going well and I am enjoying talking to her again. I would realy like to spend some time with her again. I will probably more than likely go back to DC than her coming here. I would love to be able to do both.

So I have pretty much done. It is now live. I probably need to work on the knowledgebase in the future. I need to get some ideas of questions and answers to put up there. If you have any questions please ask here? Thanks!

I have started to work on getting put together. I found the backend I think I am going to use. I am going to upload it tonight and see how it works. I think it has everything I need for it. After that I am going to completely revamp What was carrotjuice is going to be on vegsurf, and carrotjuice is going to be a site for juices and smoothies and stuff I think. Most of the hits and questions I get has to do with that anyway, so why not?

I am not sure what to do after that. I am sure that this is a good 6 months of work right here.

It is already starting to get cold here in Oklahoma. I wish I had the heat back. I have a feeling I will be breaking out the heaters soon. I am going to need to buy an electric blanket soon as well. I should do that sometime in the next month. There is a lot of things I need to buy. This damn gas shit is kiling me. $400 a month is a lot of money. I wish I could cut that in half. It would help a lot. I am almost done paying off that stupid shit I need to pay off for the credit thing. That is an extra $135 a month.

Oh, and I want to see Dolphin Tale….

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