Mar 052016

I really need to get off of my sugar addiction. I have been trying to lose weight for a couple years now. At my lowest was in 2015 I weighed 199 lbs. When I started I was 235. I am around there again now (I haven’t weighed myself in 2 weeks). I am afraid I might even be more. The sugar has me. I can’t eat just one portion, can’t eat just one cookie. I need to start buying fruit and not sweets when I have those grocery store runs. I want to be 135 again. Why can’t I control my urges? I am fucking way the fuck out of control. I bought 4 boxes of thin mints last week, all gone by The. I will eat a box of ice cream sandwiches, a pint of ice cream, I will eat 3 packages of pop tarts in one day. I have to stop bringing money to work, have to stop this.

I don’t know how much I will write about my diet, but I really need to lose weight and I think it is necessary for me to put it on paper, if I dare call myself out on this shit. That is the problem, denial, guilt, needing to change, but not actually changing. Putting it off, saying I will start tomorrow, next week, no next week, and then it is two months and 10 lbs later.

I have a fitbit and mostly log my foods on myfitnesspal. I need to be a lot more honest in my logging though. I am only hurting myself otherwise.

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