(Want to be an) Ethical vegetarian?


So you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian and you don’t know where to begin?
You are thinking about the abuses of animals and you feel it is ethically and morally wrong?
You don’t eat veal because of the abuses associated with the treatment of calves?

If you want to be vegetarian and/or vegan for ethical reasons the best place to start is by cutting out eggs and dairy. They are some of the most abusive and torturous industries out there. The dairy industry feeds the veil industries or outright murders boy calves because they are not needed in the production of milk.
If you ask any vegan out there myself included at least 90% of them will tell you that eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products were the last things on their list that they stopped using that were animal based.
mmmmm!!  milk
Milk cows are the most overworked animals in modern agriculture. Dairy cows are kept pregnant by artificial insemination throughout their entire useful milk producing life.
When they give birth their babies are taken away from them within the first few days of birth and the girl calves are either slaughtered for their rennet or put in small pens
calf stalls
until they are ready to get artificially inseminated and start their life of torture while the boy calves are shipped off to veal factories.
veal – it's what's in your dairy
When the usefulness of the cows are at the end they then end up being slaughtered for the meat industries.

Most dairy farms keep cows in confined spaces throughout their lives and are given antibiotics because of their living conditions and hormones to increase milk production. These chemicals are then transferred into the dairy that is in the grocery shelves.
People would think that drinking milk that comes from dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, or any other animal would be gross but wouldn’t think twice to pick up a glass of milk that comes from a cow. Humans are the only beings that drink milk from another animal and that drinks milk after we are weaned from our own mothers.
straight from the tap
Does this look natural to you?
try doing this to a human woman in the mall
The dairy industry is not happy dancing cows playing in lush green fields. The industry is using cattle to produce a product and they are going to do it in the most efficient manner that they can, and they don’t care about the milk making factories that are producing their product for them. They are making money off of a liquid designed to produce nutrition and give sustainability to their young.
bang bang
To me if humans are going to drink milk we should be drinking human milk, but if we were to treat human women the way we treat cows, then that industry would not be profitable. Women would demand better treatment and rights that cows have no way of speaking up for.

Imagine giving birth to a son and learning that he is in a cage no bigger than he is so he can not move, and will soon be slaughtered.
human veal

The egg insustry is just as torturous. There are many chickens that are kept cramped up in a cage to do nothing but lay eggs. These chickens live their entire life in torture starting at birth.
prison is never like this

Baby chickens are sexed shortly after birth, and the male ones are killed since they serve no purpose to the egg industries. Female chickens begin their life by painfully getting their beaks chopped off without any anesthetic so they don’t cause injury to themselves or others. This inhumane act will cause acute and cronic pain to the chicken’s beak for the rest of their life, which adds to the torture that these birds live their entire life.
chop chop
The chickens spend their entire adult life living in a wire cage cramped with many other chickens so they only have enough room to do one thing, and that is to lay eggs.
chicken run

They can not move around freely, bathe, or act like chickens do. At the end of the chicken’s egg laying cycle they are starved for 10-14 days which forces the chickens to lay more eggs. After the second egg laying cycle the hens are then inhumanely slaughtered to become your fried chicken.
your organic free range eggs

Free range and organic labels mean nothing. All these terms do is make people feel better about them selves when eating these products of torture and death.
eggs don't harm the chickens

Free range is not a standard; there is nothing legal and binding to call an egg free range. All it means is the cage is a bit bigger, or they might get some time outside of their cages to roam around, but they are still de-beaked, they still do still spend the majority of their time in these cages, the male chicks still are still “disposed of” and the egg laying hens still get slaughtered in the end.
this isn't torture?
If you are thinking about being a vegetarian or are a vegetarian who still has not “cut out” dairy and eggs I implore you do to more research into these horrible industries and to remove eggs and dairy from your diets. There are plenty of good alternatives out there that take the place of both. Heck, I used to eat half a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, I was addicted to it. There are plenty of great, awesome alternatives to milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and even egg replacers. Try different brands; find the one that you like.

But for the cows and chickens sake, cut out dairy and eggs.

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