Why I am a vegan


I am a vegan because it is unselfish. I can not believe that people would be so greedy as to kill another animal so that they can fill their stomach. Is man so ignorant that they can not see the environmental, economical, and social damage that they are causing by eating meat???

If the world were to live on a vegetarian based diet starvation would be a word used in past tense. Obesity would not be around, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and stroke would be diseases that would be considered rare. People would not need to worry about their cholesterol levels. And other diseases too numerous to count and be mentioned here would be abolished.
People would start to care about the environment and the animals who we share this planet with. Human expansion would slow down. Animals that are on the verge of extinction would be replenished.

Humans would stop the mistreatment of animals through experimentation, exploitation and general mistreatment of these creatures of earth. Rodeos would be against the law. Circuses would not include animals. You would never see a horse, dog, or other race. Animals are not for our amusement. Instead they should be held in respect and reverence.

I love the way that I feel. Since I have stopped eating meat I have had more energy and felt healthier. It even feels like my blood flows smoother and better. I t is very healthy. This combined with meditation, yoga and awareness. I am conscious about my effects on the environment and what I eat. When possible, I eat organic and healthy. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean that food must be bland. Quite the opposite. Enjoy food! You need it to live. Make the choice to let animals live too.

Make thoughtful choices!

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