May 012016

Ok, starting from scratch today.

The other week I went to the doctor for a checkup. I mentioned I was having difficulty losing weight and asked him for something. He gave me something all right. This pill he gave me sucks. It makes me nervous, keeps me awake at night, gives me cotton mouth, and other side effects. Yes, I have been less hungry, so it does that but it is a stimulant of the nervous system as well. Because of lack of sleep I have also been really tired as well. I don’t know if I can keep on taking this pill because of what it is doing to me, or take it less often. Weight loss has been a struggle for me. I started off a few years ago at 230, got down to just below 200 and then gained it back in the last few months. I have bad knees and ankles, so doing anything like running or the like is very difficult for me and even with all the walking I do, it still causes my knees to hurt badly. I just wish I could lose 100 lbs and be done with it.

I keep on changing the things I eat. Lately it is my usual breakfast of tostada con tomatoe y avocado, a cup of coffee and unsweetened soy milk. Lunch and dinner during my work week is salads with a fat free dressing, my mixed nuts (dry almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds) about ¼ cup of that, a kiwi or two or banana, and usually a thing of peanut butter crackers or nature bar, and a couple of schweppes lemon lime soda water. Hopefully eating more salad helps me lose this belly.

I have also been suffering from Tennis elbow the last month or so and everytime I bump my elbow it worsens it. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me.

I am excited that Game of Thrones is back on, problem is I work when it is on, so to keep from spoilers, no social media after it has started until after I watched the episode the next morning. I wish it was on HBO go by the time I get home from work to watch it, but no such luck. I have to sleep on it. Is Jon Snow revived yet? When are the dragons going to raise hell on the night walkers? When will I see Brandon again? All these questions!!

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but I have been getting back into waze. I spend way too long editing maps again, way too much time. I told myself an hour a day and here I am spending 4+ hours. There is better use of my time. Shame! Shame! Shame! I need to use that time watching and learning for further education. I am tired of this dead end job. I have been here 5 years. No raise, no nothing. Just a tool and a fool.

I miss the beach. I miss Florida and I miss Spain. I really need to get the fuck out of Oklahoma. I hate it here. I hate the commute, I hate the cold and snow, and I hate living out in the middle of nowhere. I really need to work on getting myself in shape to get out of there. I have a house of stuff I need to go through and get rid of stuff. I should have started months ago, now that things are warming up it would be a great time to do so.

The other day I had to reinstall the rom on my phone. It was running really slow and the GPS was going squirrely, so it was time. It sucks to have to redo all the apps and settings, and it takes a lot of time. I have it mostly done, there are a few apps I have yet to login to and get reset up, the main ones are done though.

I also have some car work to do, rear brakes, and I think it is time to change my spark plugs and wires, because it drives kind of funny when I accelerate. I also have to change the oil. I did recently replace the speakers, it was time. One of the speakers that was in there had a big hole and tear in it and the rears weren’t working at all. I need to troubleshoot to see why the sub isn’t working. Hopefully it is something easy and not expensive.

Ok, I think that is it for today. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Mar 122016

Sometimes my job frustrates me to no end. There is a group we support that seems to be the laziest group. They are also very understaffed, they can go home whenever they want, and we end up taking the wrath for that. Today I got a call from someone who called yesterday to have his phone provisioned and the ticket wasn’t even touched today. The group left around noon, and I got to hear the brunt. I am still not happy about it and earlier I was pretty pissed, not only the way that asshole treated me but also because of the ongoing lack of action from the group we support. I also have a funny feeling that even though there was nothing I could do, this is going to end up coming back to me for some reason.

I have a feeling that a rum and coke is in my near future.

I am really concerned with what has happened in this country. The grand canyon divide that has happened. I think it started with Bush jr, but it very well could have started with Reagan. The 24 hour news media has done nothing but fuel this divide for ratings and views. Sensationalism sells but causes discontent and divide. Fox news and their anti obama rhetoric has put jet fuel on top of this ever growing fire, and now we have Trump pouring more gasoline on top. His rallies have gotten increasingly more violent and we have people getting punched, shoved and beaten. He fuels the mob with his words saying shit like he would punch them himself, and in the past we would have taken care of this other ways, and that he would pay people their court costs if they cause violence. People are starting to get tired of it and today was a big counter protest in Chicago. I have a feeling this is going to get bigger and bigger and we are going to start having riots in the streets. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am more afraid and more wanting to move out of country. If Trump becomes president, this country will be a disaster.

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Oct 212011

Okkkk. So a lot has happened over the last week.

Jewel was in Oklahoma for a funeral of one of her uncles and I took off Sun and Mon to spend itme with her and be with her at the funeral. It was really nice seeing her again and being able to spend time with her even if the occasion was a somber one.

On Sunday after we did the casket viewing thing we went over to the animal shelter. Jewel wanted me to get a little dog for me. I didn’t find any that I liked or thought would fit, so we headed over to the cats and after spending a lot of time there I ended up getting two cats. One is white with brown markings named Ripley, and one is black with white markings named Belladonna. I need to post pictures of them which I will soon. I haven’t been able to get good pictures of them because they don’t understand the word pose. They are really beautiful sweet cats. I think they are going to be good for me and help me with some things. I hope we all get along and stuff.
On Monday was the actual funeral, after the funeral we went to Goprum and had a really good meal. The food was yummy. I am glad that I took the time off for the funeral because I think Jewel really needed me and I was there for her. Her family is not supportive/understanding of her veganism and the fact she saves chickens from death and mistreatment. Pretty typical attitudes for this part of the country for sure.
Tuesday I spent the day relaxing and bonding with the kitties. I also did some cleaning and straightening of the house, something I need to really get done quick with new tenants. Yesterday was a bad day for the kitties. We went to the vet to get checked up and Ripley did not like getting her temperature checked at all. Belladonna has ear mites I have medicine for and they both have a virus from being in the shelter, the OKC shelter crud as the vet put it, which is pretty typical with humans too, so I got some medicine for that too.

Today I was awoken early by dad to go to one of his friends business, one of those extortionware got installed on his assistants computers, and I had to work on getting that removed, I had to leave with the scan still being done, and so I have to go back tomorrow to fix. Also now that I know what it is, when I get home I am going to have another plan of attack in case the bootable av sw I ran didn’t fix. It sucks being away from the kitties, and sidestepping the plans I had for today, but at least I will have a little extra money to have since I need to do an oil change and a couple of other things soon.

Anyway I am tired and ready for bed now. I know I have to go home and do some work before returning tomorrow and doing it all over again.

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Sep 012011

“ MacDonalds in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbour. ”
– SI Hayakawa

It seems like getting my house in order is a never ending project. Everywhere I look there is another thing that needs to be done. I have come to the point where I just need to start at one end of the house and work myself to the other end otherwise I am just jumping around from one part of the house to the other and not really getting anything accomplished. This weekend I started with the kitchen and got a lot of the actual kitchen done. I also started working on getting the bar and breakfast table cleared off. I got the majority of it done, but still have a ways to go. One of the big things I am running into is I just don’t know where to put things so they remain on the counter space. I wish I had some help in this part. Girls seem to be so much better at figuring out what goes where.

I have also been working on getting finalized. I am really close to getting it done; I just need to do it. There are a few links I need to clean up and I need to add a couple of pages and tweak the site a bit, oh and install the crm/ticketing end of things too. I am kind of holding off on the CRM portion of it because the product I am going to use is coming out with an update soon, so I want to install using the latest update. Especially since there is a shiny new version being working on that will be released in the near future.

I have a three day weekend coming up this week, which should give me some more time to get the things done that needs to get done. Hopefully I can have the site up by that time. I really need to get some extra cash flow going. I have enough to pay the bills but not much left over and there are a few things I need.

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Jul 222011

I got a few more things accomplished this weekend. Not as much as I should have, but it was a start. I got most of the knickknacks on the shelves and organized a few things. I cooked my lunch for the next few weeks, and it turned out really good. I did Thai again, nice and spicy, but still not the same as a restaurant. I think it is because I am mixing it with the rice at the end and that is why it isn’t as liquidly as when they serve it to you. I did use a lot more of the curry paste as I normally do, and it is more flavorful, so I haven’t been using as much as I should have been using.

I am starting to see a lot more hits on No one has commented or anything like that yet, which I am ok with, but the increase in traffic is good. One of my friends in Florida sent me seven postcards, so that helps the site as well. She sent in some cool postcards with stuff written in the back. Hopefully there is a trend in more submissions. I want some from strangers. That would be really cool.

I don’t know if very many people know this or not, but when I was 20 I did some time in the Navy. I was going to be a cook, work on aircraft carriers, use that experience and work on cruise ships. I made it through boot camp but I couldn’t do the required physical fitness requirements. So after going through boot camp graduation I spent an additional three weeks there doing physical fitness stuff to try to pass the requirements. I was able to do the sit ups and pushups required however running I was not able to run fast enough for them. I blame my knees and ankles for not being able to run fast enough. My ligaments were shot even though their doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Now I do need to add that is when they diagnosed my reflux so I was going to be out on a medical anyway (Wish I had that medical discharge). Anyway, I digress. So the story was, I went to boot camp and I got a general discharge, which wasn’t a dishonorable but it also wasn’t a good discharge either. The separation was like ok you were here, but you weren’t here, if you want to come back you need special permission and also good luck working for the government and any contractors of the government. Anyway I thought to myself “who would want to work for the government anyway. Really?” So flash forward 18 years and here I am, a contractor for the government. I don’t know if it is Murphy being a nasty bitch or what, however it seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot. Another example of this is when I lived in Florida and first moved there I saw the shitty Bay Pointe apartments and thought to myself who the fuck would want to live in those shitty apartments??? A couple of months later I was there and I stayed there for almost 9 years. Fuck!!! Anyway. That seems to be my life. I end up being in a place or situation that I think people in their right mind wouldn’t be in.

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Jul 092011

So I am a week or two into my new (regular) shift and so far so good. I really like the job. It is fairly easy and the people on the phones are a lot more pleasant to talk to than the ones I had the pleasure of talking to on my last job. If the drive wasn’t so long it would be absolutely perfect.

It has been extremely hot here in Oklahoma. It has been weeks of temperatures above 100, with very little rain. I thought I was used to the heat living in Florida, however this is hotter, and the wind is hot. Florida with the water surrounding it, I don’t think I ever saw it above 95, and the breeze is cool because of the water cooling it down, so at least the breeze was nice. I feel like I am in a furnace, and have been having to use my AC a lot. Well, at least it isn’t snowing.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a little Eastern or Florida Box Turtle. I had to run out and get him and bring him in. He is really cute. I have pictures on my phone however I don’t’ get a good signal at work, so I cant send them to myself. Once I get home I will update with pictures. I haven’t named him het. I was thinking of Jake, but not sure. For some reason that name is sticking with me. He seems really shy, however that just could be that he is a bit scared and stuff. I set out some food and water for him to eat, he hasn’t touched it yet, but when he gets hungry enough he will I am sure. Well, I just looked up a box turtle web site and looked at sexing them. It looks like makes and females are different than water turtles, where the female is more round and the male is more flat, so I may have another female. So Jake may be Jakette or something. I will have to think about it.

I finally got on that Google+ site. So far it seems pretty cool. Will be better once more people join up. If you are there you can find me under Natures Revenge. Look for the dinosaur eating the fish.

Don’t forget! Thanks!

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Jul 012011

I have finally moved to the night shift. My second night I was all by myself for six hours. It was pretty decent. I did really well, however it was odd being the only one in the room. I may have been the only one in the building.

I have been continuing to unpack and stuff. Still not totally finished, however with me now on the night shift I have the time and energy to do a couple hours work during the day, so it should be completed faster now. Today I started pulling out the little trinkets and décor stuff. Unfortunately a few things didn’t make it. I hate it when I unwrap something to find it in pieces.

I started up a new website a couple of days ago. It will probably be another dead site like all the rest, but I try. This one is at It is something that is a couriosity for me. I want people to send in their postcards and tell me a bit about the place on the postcard. Why that place is meaningful to them. Hopefully I get a card or two. I am renting a PO Box for the project, so hopefully I am not wasting my money on it. Anyway, check out the site and send me a postcard.

Anyway, so far Oklahoma is good. I do miss cable, especially since just about every show I watched was on cable. I miss my shows damn it!!!! I am working on getting my old laptop hooked up to the TV with remote software installed so I can use it to watch hulu and stuff on the tv. It does have an HDMI output, so it is just a matter of getting it to work with the lid closed and I should be good. I might have to figure out an overheating solution, but I don’t think that will really be an issue.

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Jun 182011

Ya ok it has been a really really long time. It has been a busy last couple of months for me.

I moved from Florida back to Oklahoma the March 22nd and started looking for a job pretty much right after I got there. One of the places I just randomly applied at was Chickasaw Nation for a help desk job. Within a couple of hours after I applied I got a call. Within a week I had an interview and a week or so after that I started working. My first day was April 22nd. Kind of cool that I was working a month after the move. I know that there are not a lot of people who are that lucky. The job is pretty cool. I work at the FAA center just west of Will Rogers Airport as a level 1 helpdesk. The job for the most part is very easy and not as stressful as Bright House was. I get paid the same if not a couple of cents over. Well my actual pay is a couple of dollars less but then CNI pays a couple of dollars more an hour to pay for the benefits. The only benefits I don’t get is the free cable and internet that bright house had. The thing that does suck is the drive is 40-45 miles each way. I am spending $400 a month on gas compared to $100 – $120 in Florida. I am driving as many miles a day as I did a week in Florida. I am getting really worried about this and am probably going to need to find a car that gets better gas mileage or in 6 months hopefully a job at CNI will open up that is in the main office in Norman. That would be cool, because I like working for the Chickasaws. I like being able to work for the Indians without having a casino job. I do like the fact that I am in a way working for the FAA as well. It makes up for the fact that I didn’t make it but three months in the Navy.

I spent about a month living in the big house until Wendy came down and went through grandma’s house and cleaned it out. I moved in a week later and have spent the rest of the time trying to unpack and organise and stuff. I am not done yet but I am slowly getting there. Slowly but surely. I try to do something daily, not always doing so though. With the hour drive to and from work it grinds on you and you just want to go home and rest. I have lost weight since being here. I am down to 119lbs. When I started I was 235. So about 15 lbs in a year and a halfish.

Anyway I am back in Oklahoma. Don’t know how long I will be here. Hopefully for a while. It was expensive moving.

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Feb 122011

Ok so it has been a long time. I am a fucking asshole I know. so anyway. Big news. Big news.

I am moving back to Oklahoma next month.

I know. It sucks. I don’t want to move. It is a family thing, so I need to move. Dady needs help so I am going back to help him. I turned in my notice on Wed at work. Gave them a month to replace me. That was nice of me to give them so much notice. I have been working on the details and planning and stuff and packing. I have been packing as well. I hope I get it all done. I have a bit over a month to get everything all packed up and stuff.

I also bought a new Nas

I named him Andre. I love it. Quick and holds a lot. Did I mention it was fast?? It is. I moved all my music and pictures on it and put my external drives on it and have been working on putting my back up / messed up drives on it as well. Right now I am cataloging pictures and will need to start going through and cleaning it up then organising , then moving more data on it from old drives, clean and organise until all peachy keen. This will probably be an ongoing thing that will take 6 months to a year.

My friends Kim and Tammy are coming down in March to help me move and vacation and drive back up with me. I am thinking of taking them direct from the airport to Key West for a day and a half. Should be fun.

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Jan 012010

It has been months since my last entry. I have been neglectful. I have been lazy. Not much has been going on in my life. It consists of work and sleep and not much else. My schedule changed a couple months ago so I am working 2-11pm, so since it is in the middle of the day and such a shit schedule I go home thinking I am going to be doing stuff around the house and I end up too tired and worn out to do anything and just want to relax and fall asleep, and I don’t wake up early enough in the morning to be able to do anything either. It is really made me be like a lazy slob. I am working on changing that, but it is just a matter of trying to condition myself to wake up earlier, which I have been trying to do but it is a struggle to do the opisite of what I have been doing for years. Anyway, I need to do a refocus and regrouping.

One bit of strangeness is since I have come back from my Oklahoma vacation I have been talking to Tammy again. I am being careful and nothing is serious or anything. Right now we are in the planning stages of her coming to visit me in March when she has spring break. She is going to school and learning stuff which I am proud of. I always knew she was smart, and she is proving it to herself by getting good grades and stuff. She quit drinking and smoking but has “found god” so she substituted one addiction for another. Hopefully she will be free of that in the near future. The church is helping her out and is there for her, so that is a good thing I guess. That is people doing it not “god” though, as much as people are delusioned in that whole god will provide bs.

I have spent the last few days updating wordpress. Installed the new version and the new version of the theme. Took some things out and still have a few things to do. Otherwise it is pretty much done. I am still waiting for gallery 3 to update enough for me to move them from 2 embeded to 3 and then embed it into wordpress. I wish I was a better coder. Anyway. I need to pay more attention to my sites and do some thinking about where crazycomputing and carrotjuice needs to go. They have been long neglected and carrotjuice was overblown with forum spam. I had to kill 5000+ users and all my forums to get rid of it all.

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