Nov 272011

Something just sent a virus using my email address, some kind of link with invite at the end. Do not open it. I repeat do not open it from your mobile phone or from your computer. I am tracking down where it came from now.

Thank you,

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Aug 042011

So the weekend was a bit productive. On Tuesday I went into Norman and worked on a client’s computer. Made $100, which was good, because I needed groceries and gas. I also bought a couple of parts I needed for one of the toilets.

Wendsday I replaced the guts in my toilet and replaced the tube and turn on / off valve and hose. There was some work getting the hose and the valve off, they were pretty tight. The pipe was copper coming out of the wall and used a compression connectoin. there is a little copper thing that is supposed to shrink up and seal the connection I guess and the old one didn’t slikp off. So the seal isn’t on tight. So I had to shut off the water, and use it sparingly. I can’t find my dremmil, so am going to have to buy a new one so I can cut off the copper thing and replace it with the new one.

It would be so nice to have a actual working toilet that doesn’t rock back and forth when I sit on it. The only issue with the toilets in the back is that they are really close to a wall. I would love to take down that wall, remove a toilet and make the bath tub bigger. That would be cool.

I also made a big batch of pasta this weekend. I screwed it up though, I didn’t check it often enough and scortched it a bit, so it has a slight tinge of being burned. It isn’t that bad with everything else mixed in, but you can taste it a bit.

Other than that not much was accomplished this weekend. Relaxing and Hulu watching, and I started watching The Joe Schmo show again. It is fun to watch it, expecially now with knowing that Kristin Wiig was in it.

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Jul 222011

I got a few more things accomplished this weekend. Not as much as I should have, but it was a start. I got most of the knickknacks on the shelves and organized a few things. I cooked my lunch for the next few weeks, and it turned out really good. I did Thai again, nice and spicy, but still not the same as a restaurant. I think it is because I am mixing it with the rice at the end and that is why it isn’t as liquidly as when they serve it to you. I did use a lot more of the curry paste as I normally do, and it is more flavorful, so I haven’t been using as much as I should have been using.

I am starting to see a lot more hits on No one has commented or anything like that yet, which I am ok with, but the increase in traffic is good. One of my friends in Florida sent me seven postcards, so that helps the site as well. She sent in some cool postcards with stuff written in the back. Hopefully there is a trend in more submissions. I want some from strangers. That would be really cool.

I don’t know if very many people know this or not, but when I was 20 I did some time in the Navy. I was going to be a cook, work on aircraft carriers, use that experience and work on cruise ships. I made it through boot camp but I couldn’t do the required physical fitness requirements. So after going through boot camp graduation I spent an additional three weeks there doing physical fitness stuff to try to pass the requirements. I was able to do the sit ups and pushups required however running I was not able to run fast enough for them. I blame my knees and ankles for not being able to run fast enough. My ligaments were shot even though their doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Now I do need to add that is when they diagnosed my reflux so I was going to be out on a medical anyway (Wish I had that medical discharge). Anyway, I digress. So the story was, I went to boot camp and I got a general discharge, which wasn’t a dishonorable but it also wasn’t a good discharge either. The separation was like ok you were here, but you weren’t here, if you want to come back you need special permission and also good luck working for the government and any contractors of the government. Anyway I thought to myself “who would want to work for the government anyway. Really?” So flash forward 18 years and here I am, a contractor for the government. I don’t know if it is Murphy being a nasty bitch or what, however it seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot. Another example of this is when I lived in Florida and first moved there I saw the shitty Bay Pointe apartments and thought to myself who the fuck would want to live in those shitty apartments??? A couple of months later I was there and I stayed there for almost 9 years. Fuck!!! Anyway. That seems to be my life. I end up being in a place or situation that I think people in their right mind wouldn’t be in.

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Jul 102011

Looks like google+ is open to invites again (for now). If you want to be invited vivisectvi86 @ 🙂

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Jul 092011

So I am a week or two into my new (regular) shift and so far so good. I really like the job. It is fairly easy and the people on the phones are a lot more pleasant to talk to than the ones I had the pleasure of talking to on my last job. If the drive wasn’t so long it would be absolutely perfect.

It has been extremely hot here in Oklahoma. It has been weeks of temperatures above 100, with very little rain. I thought I was used to the heat living in Florida, however this is hotter, and the wind is hot. Florida with the water surrounding it, I don’t think I ever saw it above 95, and the breeze is cool because of the water cooling it down, so at least the breeze was nice. I feel like I am in a furnace, and have been having to use my AC a lot. Well, at least it isn’t snowing.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a little Eastern or Florida Box Turtle. I had to run out and get him and bring him in. He is really cute. I have pictures on my phone however I don’t’ get a good signal at work, so I cant send them to myself. Once I get home I will update with pictures. I haven’t named him het. I was thinking of Jake, but not sure. For some reason that name is sticking with me. He seems really shy, however that just could be that he is a bit scared and stuff. I set out some food and water for him to eat, he hasn’t touched it yet, but when he gets hungry enough he will I am sure. Well, I just looked up a box turtle web site and looked at sexing them. It looks like makes and females are different than water turtles, where the female is more round and the male is more flat, so I may have another female. So Jake may be Jakette or something. I will have to think about it.

I finally got on that Google+ site. So far it seems pretty cool. Will be better once more people join up. If you are there you can find me under Natures Revenge. Look for the dinosaur eating the fish.

Don’t forget! Thanks!

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Nov 242010

This is a test of the google voice. Transcripts service. Posting, Jim my blog. Death Let’s see how this works, hopefully it works well Well. I’m not that I can use this because I’m lazy and I don’t like to type a lot. So let’s see how this works okay okay.

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Apr 272010

Last week my dad sent me one of the boxes of CDs I had packed up when i was there last. In the box was one of the Cds from H.W.A. It brought back memories of me in Denver driving down Alameda with it blasting in my car. I remember specifically being around Union and Alameda, stopping by a record/cd store and browsing their selection. I wonder if they are still there? I really need to visit Denver again soon. I miss it.

Ok, so I have one set of chef uniforms ordered. Hopefully I get them next week. I stopped by the local restaurant supply store and had to stop myself from buying the entire store. I picked up a cake pan, pizza wheel, spatula, and a half bane marie pan. I also saw a commercial Kitchen Aid 5 quart stand mixer for $125. It looked in good shape except the switch was in rough shape. For $125 I can live with that. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have the money, but it will be in the back of my mind. Hopefully I will be able to afford it in a few months or so.

Today I decided to copy a few of my tips stuff from Carrot Juice over to TFVC and when I did I also noticed that the spam assholes have filled my ingredients with a bunch of nonsense spam. So now I am going to have to spend time and go though and clear up that bs.

I need to start working on getting Carrot Juice and Crazy Computing in better shape. They are sad and limping. I need to make the time for them.

I got my tag renewal form in the mail today. They want something like $80 to renew. About $30 more than I wanted, but oh well.

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Apr 162010

Ok. I have been trying to get idea off the ground. I thought that all I need to do is put up the lights and I would be pretty much ready to go. Last night I looked in my closet for the chef coats because I don’t remember if I had gotten them embroidered with my name or not, and I couldn’t find them. So that means that I didn’t even buy the chef coats yet. So it looks like it will be delayed a bit longer since I dont have the $$ to buy the coats. I just went to and the supplies I need is $95. I don’t have that, and so it is going to have to wait. I may not be able to do it this coming check either. May have to be the check after that. So it looks like a month before I can get everything rolling.

This week has gone by pretty fast. I have been an insomniac, staying awake till like three or four in the morning, and then sleeping until 11 or 12. I don’t know why. I have tried different things to make myself go to sleep sooner with no luck thus far. Hopefully things will start changing. I was in a pretty good pattern before Tammy came, just need to get back in the pattern. I guess I need to actually get up at 8:30 and then be so tired that I will want to sleep when I get home.

I really need to work on my other web sites as well. They need to be updated really bad, and I need to stop the spamming that is happening at Carrot Juice. Even with the registration shut off I am still getting lots of “users” registering and trying to spam the boards that are disabled. They have been trying to spam other ways, but with those all admin only approve, they aren’t hitting the site.

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Apr 092010

I hate it when you go into a store thinking you are going to only spend $40 and end up spending $105.

I started a cleansing/fast today. Nothing but OJ, psylium husks, and water for 48 hours. I need to have a complete flush of my system. My body is telling me it is time, so it is time.

I still have yet to put up the lights in the kitchen. I haven’t had time to get them up this week. I think either tomorrow or Sun I will get them up depending on what time I wake up. I think I have the website up and ready to go.

I have been getting home really tired and going to bed around 12:30, then I toss and turn and get really close to falling asleep but don’t until usually after 4 am. I don’t know what is really wrong. Usually a shot of rum settles me down enough to go to sleep within 20 min or so.

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Mar 032010

I have 8 days until Kim gets here and 11 days until Tammy gets here. The apartment is almost ready. Just a bit of vacuming and dusting and cleaning here and there and it will be worthy of guests coming over. Today I did the rest of the laundry that needed to be done. The only other laundry will be sheets, and whatever clothes I dirty between now and then. I need to get a hair cut, change my oil, and clean the car.

I probably threw away a dumpster worth of trash. If I do move it will be a lot easier for me. Something that I want to do anyway if I have enough money saved up by June. I really need to get out of here. It has been a month and a half and those assholes still haven’t fixed the light outside. I told the lady yesterday that I didn’t feel comfortable giving them my rent because of the safety issue. she all acted concerned as usual, said would get someone on it, and guess what? Still not fixed. I am to the point to where I am going to tell them I am going to hire an electrition and take it out of my rent.

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