Dec 262023

so ya. it has been a long time. do people still do this? i feel like i have nothing to say but yet at the same time have no one to say nothing to. It feels like I am just wasting away at this thing called life. 50 years old and nothing to show for it except doing my part to polute this planet. no wife, no kids, no grand kids, working to survive and barely scrape by. No one truely loves me, no one to care for or to care for me. I just keep on getting older and fall more apart. I wish I had someone I could share these struggles with, someone to love, to argue with and all that other yin and yang that I hear comes in a relationship.

Anyway, i don’t know when I last wrote in this thing and am bored so will maybe repeat myself. Im back in Florida, back in the Tampa area. I love it here despite the cost of rent being way too fucking high.

One nice thing though is I found a job I like that doesn’t involve customer service and still involves a bit of skill and troubleshooting even though it isn’t directly relaed with computers and networking. It is a lot more relaxed than customer service and they aren’t micromanaging the shit out of you either. As long as you are doing your job to your best ability you are good. I really hated the micromanaging of customer service, even as a lead they micro managed you. A supposed member of leadership and the looked through a magnifying glass.